IronPigs 2017 Concession Specials

2017 concession enhancements were announced last week, and the ‘Pigs have surprise in store for us today.

The IronPigs introduced a bunch of new and exciting concession menu items at the start of last season.  (You can go back and read about them.)  They were interesting, and that post got a ton of hits throughout the season.  However, I never found out where most of them were available; it was listed in the program but I never got a chance to go back to the post and write it for you, much less try them for myself.

So today we’ll look at what’s new for 2017.  You’ll see that I’ve left the location blank so that it can be filled in later.  I’ve also included an anticipatory food review because food is something my body needs anyway.

Donut Pork Sandwich

What:  Pulled pork, bacon, and candied jalapenos on a glazed donut roll.


Kram The Foodie:  Combination sandwiches rarely work out as well as you might think.  It’s often difficult to get the balance of flavors right, and the mass-execution of such is a challenge as well.  The other problem is that that mass-produced pulled pork around the stadium isn’t really the best.  My next concern here is that the glazed donut is going to make my hands a sticky mess.  GM Kurt Landes says no, that he tried it and his hands were not sticky.  As a veteran eater of donuts, let me tell you your hands are going to be sticky and if it’s 80 degrees out it’s going to be worse.  Nice entry, though, and I will try it.

Belgian Waffle Taco

What:  Taco fixin’s served on a Belgian waffle.


Kram The Foodie:  Again, historically, taco-meat products produced at a ballpark tend to have an acrid, unappetizing smell.  I don’t care who you are, Fresno.  Secondly, this item will not be served on a gorgeous plate as above.  You’re going to have to balance that puppy on a paper plate and try to cut it with a plastic knife.  It’s going to be messy and difficult to eat in the stands.  The combination of ballpark taco meat and waffle makes me nervous, and I’m also concerned about the freshess of the waffle, unless they’re fresh made if this is for the tiki/pig pen/hot corner area and the club bar.  I’ll likely pass on this one.

Belgian Bacon “Corn” Dog

What:   Wrap a hot dog in bacon and add Belgian waffle batter and fry.


Kram The Foodie:  Now we’re talking.  Anything this portable is instantly good. Syrup dipping sauce may be added–or you could add whatever, BBQ?  Mustard?  Ketchup?  It’s all in play.  Nice addition as long as they don’t let them sit around and get cold and soggy.

3-lb Burger

What:  Massive 3-lb Burger, feeds 4-6.

Where:  Club level bar only.

Kram The Foodie:  This massive offering will replace the 2-foot hot dog of the past two seasons as our giant food item of choice.  It’s said to cost $50 or more, but if you can feed four people then you’re really ahead of the game.  You’ll want to gather in the club to eat it as it will be too unwieldy to take to the stands.  They will be made fresh, of course, because you don’t want a bunch of these sitting around.  Cooking a giant burger can be a bit of a challenge so that it gets done, but not dried out.  I’m looking forward to finding three other people to help me try this (or one teenage boy.)

Grilled Cheese Stand

What:  Several different riffs on grilled cheese sandwiches


Kram The Foodie:  A potential home run.  Grilled cheese is classic comfort food, and kids love it.  It’s a nice alternative for adults if you can tune it up with some pork or steak or tomato.  Dipping sauces?  Yes please.  We’ll have to check the execution, but this is a good one.

Yuengling Ice Cream

What:  Yuengling brand ice cream will take over the hard-ice-cream for the whole stadium from Hershey.

Where:  Ice cream stand in right field; club level concession

Kram The Foodie:  It’s good; I’ve had it.  Now, if we can figure out a way to get the beer…


What:  Barefoot wines will be available for purchase on the concourse

Where:  Exact locations unknown right now, but the key is that it will be stadium-wide and not just clubs and suites.

Kram The Wine Snob:  Little known fact:  The reason I have club level tickets is so that Mrs. Kram can get a glass of wine at the game.  Will this save me money so that I can move to field level?  Probably not.  The quality of the wine is very poor, of course, but that should allow folks to add ice or pour some Sprite in there and not get accosted by the wine police (me).  I haven’t heard about other liquor choices for the main concourse, but the law has changed such that this is now allowed should the IronPigs choose.  There’s money to be made there–the Phantoms have added it–but with the hot weather and the family-friendly atmosphere it may not be a road the ‘Pigs want to go down.


On the day of this writing, the IronPigs had a Press Conference to reveal the extent of their ongoing battle with the Fresno Tacos for food supremacy.  It was OK; I got free bacon out of the deal so I went ahead and bought the hat.  Add it to the collection…

See you at the park,


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  1. ok first of all when you make a sandwich on a “glazed donut” aka krispy kreme, you’re supposed to put the glaze on the inside… that’s why your hands dont get sticky and the sweet mixes with the savory… wine? YL ice cream? you already know how stoked i am for that waffle on a stick thing. i’m gonna have to get there super early and walk a couple of laps before indulging!


  1. IronPigs Introduce New Concession Items for 2016

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