The Noise Nation Fan group formed in 2008 to cheer on local sports teams! We are a fan group created by Fans, for Fans! We do this for fun and hope you will enjoy our blog.

The Noise Nation avidly supports Lehigh Valley Professional Sports Teams and occasionally operates charity fund raisers including our 2011 Cookbook Fundraiser for the National Brain Tumor Society.

Contact us:
Email – editor@LVNoiseNation.com
Phone – 484-866-8469

Post anything that I don’t feel is appropriate to be read, and it will be deleted. Any words that are obscene or targeted to viewers or people mentioned in the posts and it will be deleted.

This blog’s goals are to be informative and fun. Any posts or comments not in that spirit will be also be deleted.

About this Blog:

  • The original purpose of this blog was to serve as a source of information for IronPig fans who just couldn’t get enough stats, notes, transactions and other interesting stories about our team, our stadium, the players and the staff. Over time, we’ve added three permanent contributors (Dipro, Decal, Kram, Cheryl) and also started supporting the Lehigh Valley Steelhawks Arena football team, the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls roller derby team, the late Philly Force National Pro Fastpitch softball team and the Lehigh Valley Phantoms hockey team. We also have to mention the many friends who have shared photos, tweeted/text messaged/emailed breaking news who have all helped to build this blog into what it’s become.
  • The Noise Nation/The Horn & Bell blog are not for profit. We don’t take anything in for what we do. There is no budget, there are no monetary contributions; This is nothing more than just a group of folks having some fun. We occasionally will share information that may be perceived as advertising, but we do that as a rare courtesy to friends and family. Unless for a charity or community event, please do not solicit us for advertising.

Guest post policy:

  • If you would like to submit content to be published on this blog, email the content along with your contact information and any images you would like to include to editor@LVnoisenation.com.
  • All content will be approved before publishing by the Horn & Bell
  •  The Noise Nation Fan group and Horn & Bell Blog assume no liability for the opinions stated in Guest posts. Guest posts will be labeled as such.
  • Only original thoughts and ideas will be published. If you send in a tip or content from another source it will be noted in a post and reference to the original source with a tip of the hat to you.
  • The Noise Nation has exclusive and ultimate decision making authority over all content on this blog. Publication of your submission is NOT guaranteed.


The Horn & Bell publishes both rumor and opinion, as well as accurately reported information from other fully credited sources. Information on The Horn & Bell may contain errors or inaccuracies which are corrected when discovered.

The Horn & Bell and the Noise Nation are not affiliated with or endorsed by any of the Professional Sports Teams we cover and our content and views are our own and not necessarily those of the teams we report on.  All registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners and are used with their permission. All photography is either owned by us or is used with the copy-write holder’s permission.

Enjoy your stay!

9 replies

  1. Replying to this procedurally, only to assure that posts are also delivered to my inbox, tho I will point out that my next youngest brother was turned on to the Seahawks by a former woman-friend.

  2. Hello, I was directed to you via Erin the marketing person for the Iron Pigs. I have a product she thought perhaps I could post here for sale especially with the holidays coming up. I do custom woodwork and I have an Iron Pigs clock that I think is pretty neat and so did she. Hoping you will think so too and perhaps help me get it into this blog for the fans to see. You can contact me at above email and if you give me yours I can send you a picture of the clock. Thank you so much for your time.

  3. GREAT SITE ! Way to go !!!!!
    I will be checking in from time to time

  4. Hey, maybe you can start a ticket exchange here on your site….I have full season first row seats..personally, I believe my 2 seats are the best 2 seats in the Ballpark….section 109 first row
    Great site

  5. 2/21/2011 – Made some necessary updates. The blog is more about the Fan Club than it is about me. Enjoy! D.K.

  6. I am trying to get a hold of Decal? I’m interested in a memorial that was put up on (Find A Grave Memorial# 1633765) This memorial is a grandfather to my grand-daughter and I was wondering if someone can transfer that memorial to me? Thank you & sorry for posting here but no email address was left at the site. Thank you Deb

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