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Updated Info from the 2013 IronPigs Rain-Out Policy (Still valid in 2014)

2013 IronPigs Rain-out Policy(click to enlarge)

Rain-Out / Postponement Information

An Ironpigs game may be rained out, but it is extremely rare for the gates not to open. Only a few times in 5 seasons have the gates not opened.

What does this mean for us fans?

1. If a give away is scheduled, they will be distributed when the gates open whether the game is played or not.

2. Those attending group outings will have their Suite food served.

3. If it’s inclement weather and the area is not under a “Do Not Travel” order from the government, the gates will probably open.

It comes down to this… if you are looking forward to a giveaway that you absolutely must have, show up and collect it. Don’t count on 3,000 other fans to not show up and the giveaway to be rescheduled. Buying a ticket does not guarantee a giveaway. If you are thinking about calling someone to see if the game is still on.. Don’t! Calling will get you one answer, “Yes, the gates will be open.” Imagine being the person who has to answer the phone on rainy days?

So we covered the historical position of weather delays and cancellations at Coca Cola Park. Now let’s look at why…

The teams want to play. The staff wants to hold the game. The fans want to see the game. No one wants the game to be postponed. If there’s a chance to play the game they certainly will. Think about those folks who have bought a Picnic Area, Dugout Suite, Party Porch or Tiki Terrace and Oasis. They paid a premium for the buffet food and all of those folks would have to exchange their tickets for another ticket to a game later in the season.. without the buffet they paid for.

Really, mother nature can come calling at any time. It’s a bummer when a game is rained out.

Here is what I do before I leave for the game if weather might have an impact on the event.

I check weather.com’s report and look at the radar. Watch the animated radar and you can guesstimate where the rain will be at or near game time. Dress appropriately and show up. No calls or automated messages are currently available. Usually the pregame show on ESPN Radio 1230/1320 AM starts 30 minutes before game time. Tune in for updates on delays. You can also check Social Media at IronPigs Facebook or @IronPigs (twitter)

So grab your umbrella – head out to the park – and hope the rain keeps UP (then it won’t come down).

For advanced rain out strategies, check out Kram’s thoughts.


(IronPigs Iron Pigs Lehigh Valley Coca Cola Park Rain out Rain Delay postponed)

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  1. I’d like to add something here: this is a great use for Twitter. Personally, when the weather is questionable, I monitor my Twitter feed very carefully. As soon as I see a post that the “tarps are coming off,” then I know I’ve got about 30 minutes to get to the stadium before they start playing baseball. There are no promises, of course, so I monitor on the radio (1320/1230) on the way over.

    Who should you follow on Twitter? Without endorsing any particular source, I would recommend: the ironpigs organizaion, pigsradio, the beat reporters, bacon and biscuit, and any diehards you know who might be there regardless of the weather.

  2. Thanks for posting. Not sure if this is still relevant, but given the history you describe, I guess I better stop complaining and just get to the park tonight.


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