Weather Alert 7/25/11 – Count on the Gates Opening!

I’ve been watching it rain all day. The color of my lawn has gone from a sad yellow to a vibrant green.

As likely as my grass will grow 3 inches overnight, the gates will open at Coca Cola Park tonight.

Being the Clippers only visit to the Lehigh Valley season, and the last game of the series, they will either have to cancel the game or have a scheduling nightmare to make it up if the game would impact final playoff standings. (Never thought we’d worry about that did you?)

For more info on WHY the gates will open, read this.

Looking at I see this:

6:00pm – 70 % Chance of rain
7:00pm – 95 % Chance of rain
8:00pm – 100 % Chance of rain
9:00pm – 100 % Chance of rain
10:00pm – 60 % Chance of rain
11:00pm – 60 % Chance of rain
12:00am – 40 % Chance of rain

I doubt there will be a game. There isn’t a give away, but there are picnic and patio buffets waiting to be served. The IronPigs official website reports that the game is still on as scheduled.

So the Game Show night we were all looking forward to could easily become a game night at home or in my case.. grocery shopping.


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  1. I hear ya about the grocery shopping part. Nice way to start off my vacation! Oink Oink

  2. I don’t know what’s worse, when this happened in April with Syracuse, or this.

  3. I was just about to say something about the scheduling disaster if they call tonight’s game. Last game against a team from Ohio that could have a significant impact on the playoffs. You’d hope they would do their best to get the game in and not just worry about the fans spending an hour or two buying stuff.


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