IronPigs Roster Moves: It’s a Ruf Life

Ruf Rakes! Photo (c) Cheryl Pursell

Ruf Rakes!
Photo (c) Cheryl Pursell

Roster Moves:

C J.P. Arencibia released by Philadelphia.

OF Alfredo Marte released by Philadelphia.

C Logan Moore promoted to LHV from Reading (AA).

OF Darin Ruf optioned to LHV; added to roster.


Printable Roster:

Logan Moore gets #11; Ruf #28

2016 LHV Roster-5-16



It had been rumored that Arencibia had a June 1 “opt-out” in his contract, although that was never officially substantiated.  With Rupp’s injury over the weekend, perhaps JP said, “hey, you gonna call me up if he hits the DL?” and was told, “Nah, won’t be long, so we’d use someone else.”  To which JP fictionally replies, “Well then why not just release me now, I haven’t been playing.”  “OK, done.”

To be clear, I don’t know if that’s what happened, and of course, JP is one of my favorite players, if you recall our interview back on media day.  But at this point, it certainly seems like Knapp is the every-day catcher, and needs the work for defense in particular.  Rupp must not be injured too badly, and has done reasonably well–along with Chooch–in Philly.  I know, not lighting the world on fire, but between the two of them, there’s no catcher-emergency in Philadelphia this season, so far.  Moore is an outstanding defensive catcher, and did heat up with the bat on regular playing time late last season.  We don’t need the swing-time at 1B because Stassi can handle it, Ruf is back, and Tommy Joseph was playing so well they had to call him up.  Then again, if you wanna get the rumor mill going, one Erik Kratz was DFA’d today…

Marte was a guy they bought from the Orioles, known as a right-hander who just hits.  Unfortunately, since he’s been here, he just hasn’t hit.  We wish him well.

Ruf will see time in a semi-platoon with Stassi at first, and probably some time in LF as well–although I don’t really see him as an outfielder at all in the Phillies’ current construct.  The point at this juncture, I guess, is to get him regular at-bats and see if he can heat up.  There’s power there from the right-hand side; it’s just a matter of squaring some stuff up.  Ruf always seemed to play better for the Phillies than for us in the past.  Right now, I don’t think he has much of a choice, barring injury.  He has to produce, or exist as a minor leaguer.

On the horizon:  As I’ve said before, I think we’ll see Asche at some point this week, on rehab.  He’s with the Threshers now.  Once he gets activated to the Phillies, Emmanuel Burris will be DFA’d, at which point he’ll likely accept his assignment and take the roster spot of, perhaps, Angelys Nina.  JP Crawford is near promotion, and I fear Ryan Jackson is on the bubble for that spot–although Alonso could perhaps go back to Reading.  All speculation on my part, in this paragraph.


See you at the park,


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4 replies

  1. Too bad about Arencibia. He was a huge asset to Durham Bulls last year and to the Rays at the end of the season. Not sure why organizations don’t recognize that.

    • Hey Chris, thanks for stopping by. Yeah, we love those veteran guys who can contribute both on the field as well as in the clubhouse. I was looking forward to having some more fun with JP this season. In this case though, I believe he had a June 1 opt-out and was looking for more playing time and a more direct path to the Majors. The Phillies are developing two top-12 prospects at the position, Knapp and Alfaro, who demand playing time. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be for JP. Good off-season signing and we wish him well, of course.

      • Maybe the Rays will pick him back up. They are having trouble at catcher position this year. Unlike the Bulls who seem to be having trouble at every position.

        • Yeah I noticed if only because it’s so unusual to see the Bulls under .500. We’re loaded with prospects up here, which is great, but sometimes results in growing pains. Plus North has been mostly beating up on each other so far. Good luck man, see you in June.

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