Kram interviews JP


No, no.  Not that JP.  The other JP!


Arencibia and Knapp. Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Arencibia and Knapp. Photo: Cheryl Pursell


It’s all for fun, you know?

You don’t see any ads on here, do you?  Nope. Not really. We don’t make any money.  In fact, storage space and season tickets and parking and memory cards and camera equipment…this stuff costs money.

But we love to have fun, and as long as it’s that–we’ll continue.  There are a bunch of these coming–from Iron Pigs Media Day today. Because we’re tying to have fun, occasionally, some of the interviews go wrong.  Players uninitiated with the ways of the Noise Nation and the IronPigs in general, don’t know how to take us.

As the media horde entered the clubhouse today, we saw General Manager and President Kurt Landes lurking nearby.  We bypassed the players, and asked him the tough questions.  You’ll see that video later.

As we entered the locker room, everyone laughed as they pointed out the goofball to our left whom nobody wanted to talk to–fully outfitted in his catcher equipment.  “He’s your first interview,” they said.

No problem.  The definitive JP Arencibia interview:


See you at the park,


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