Rosin Gets The Call

While the IronPigs were impressive in their win against the first-place RailYankees last night, Phillippe Aumont was less so in his Phillies starting debut.  Today, he was DFA’d as Seth Rosin gets the call back to the big show.

Rosin.  Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Rosin. Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Phillippe’s status, of course, is up in the air for a day or two.  As you recall, he must clear waivers, get assigned, and accept his assignment before he can return to the IronPigs.  He’s such an enigma at this point, it’s hard to say what might happen.  I assume he’ll pass through waivers, but wouldn’t be horribly shocked if another team wanted to take a chance on him.  I also wouldn’t be surprised if he decided he could find an MiLB job better than the IronPigs.  Finally, if the Phillies decided to just release him, that wouldn’t be the biggest shock either.

For Seth, of course, this is his return to the Bigs following the whirlwind start to the 2014 season.  He was taken in the MLB phase of the Rule 5 draft, by the Los Angeles Dodgers.  He made their opening day roster as they began the season in Australia versus the Diamondbacks.  He was to be offered back to the Phillies following the opening games down under, but had to pass through waivers first–and he didn’t!  He was selected by the Texas Rangers and made their opening day roster as well, even getting into a game to pitch against the Phillies.  By the time he got back to the Phils and was optioned to the IronPigs, it took him a bit to get settled in–even a trip back to Reading.  He’s been solid, for the most part, this season–working his way out of jams as needed.

Another move will be necessary in the morning in order for the Phillies to get Adam Morgan up for his start tomorrow.  I’ll have the details, and a printable roster for you, as it becomes available.  I’m hoping the rain doesn’t interfere with our games, or with Adam’s MLB Father’s Day debut, either.

Adam Morgan.  Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Adam Morgan. Photo: Cheryl Pursell

For Adam, of course, we wish him the best as he’s one of our favorites.  I’ll repeat the words of wisdom he gave me prior to the season, “Keep the ball down, and you won’t get your feelins hurt.”  Yeah that, tomorrow, Adam.  🙂

The photos keep coming through from Cheryl as I’m typing, so here’s a cool one of our buddy Diek:

Diekman Photo by Cheryl Pursell

Diekman Photo by Cheryl Pursell

See you at the park, so long as it doesn’t rain,


fresh out of loaded value….


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