Buy 72–Get 8 Free

I was sitting alone at soccer practice last Friday when it came across my Twitter account from @IronPigs:  buy a full-season ticket package, and receive the eight “away” games versus the SWB Yankees for free.  Immediately, I began to fire off a response:  why don’t we ALL get eight games free?  But then, tweeting from soccer practice has led to misunderstandings before (see also:  free playoff tickets post), so I didn’t…

Well, we do.  All season full-season ticket holders will receive the eight bonus games at no extra charge (see for front page article with details).  In addition, four-packs of Yankees/away tickets will be made available to 18- and 36-game ticket plan holders for only $20 ($5 per seat, per game).  Using these extra games as a perk to sell more packages is a great idea.  Not leaving the current season-ticket holders out in the cold, is even better.

I do not know the arrangement made between the IronPigs and the Yankees regarding the ticket sales for these games.  My advice to the IronPigs when this was announced was:  “Don’t get cute.”  I fully expected to get an offer to buy my seats first, for $448.00–and I probably would have paid it.  (Or at least used my playoff credits towards it. 🙂 )  But I must say, this is much better.  A very nice perk for the most-loyal customers.  It will fill a lot of seats, but still leave plenty of tickets for individual sales.  My advice holds from here, though:  they should sell the groups and sell the tickets and have some promos (OK, maybe Yankees gear here, if they want) and do their thing.  I don’t think they should treat these games any differently than any other IronPigs games unless their agreement with the Yankees says they have to.  Don’t ruin the product.

In a conversation the other day, regarding the IronPigs, I remarked that in four short years the IronPigs have progressed from a successful local entertainment business to a beloved local establishment.  Sometimes, a beloved local establishment has to do the right thing.  This is a good example of that.  It doesn’t mean they can’t make money, but it does mean that they have to make people happy.  They have to look for a win-win.  That means giving away free water when the heat index is over 100.  It means not skimping on promos even though the sponsor may only be able to afford so many.  And it means making sure that your best customers are in the house for the eight extra games this year. 

Good job by them, on this one.

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