Ten Things I Think I Think – Kram’s Korner

All due credit to Peter King for the title; however, he doesn’t own the Trademark on thinking. And remember, I’m not complaining. Just observing. And, sometimes, kidding.

1. And speaking of Trademarks, I think it’s a shame when a symbiotic relationship goes awry. A wise man once said to me, “If you’re going to meet someone half-way, you’d better be prepared to go more than 50%.” It’s just too bad when 80% or 90% still doesn’t get it done. ‘Nuff said.

2. I think the fight in this team is just great. I give credit to the individual players, of course, but all props to the manager. Thank you Mr. Sandberg. We appreciate you and we appreciate the play on the field this year.

3. I think this team might look mighty different in a couple of weeks. We’ll just have to wait and see to know how injuries, rehab, DL-roster moves, opt-outs and the like will impact our team. Not to mention promotions. I feel confident that our leader will continue to foster an atmosphere of good, hard play and competetive baseball.

4. I think I love going out to the park (any park, really) to watch baseball because you never know when you might see something special. It’s just different from other spectator sports in that the probability that you witness something significant enough to discuss at the water cooler is higher. I’d like to tabulate the top ten “water cooler” things that could potentially happen on a night at the park. I’m still working on it. Leave your responses below, if you like. I’m looking for things like: A no-hitter/perfect game, hits for the cycle, a triple play, three homers by the same player, an unbelievable play, a career night for a player, catching a foul ball in the stands, etc.

5. I think some great things happen in the stands as well: tonight in section 207 a Dad in the front row caught a foul ball which had ricocheted off the facade of the press booth. He made a great catch with two young kids in tow, just before the ball went over the rail to field level below. He spun around after the catch and handed the ball to his three-year-old son. Who, promptly threw it back. We’ve seen the play on TV before, but to witness it in person was great. What happened next was even better: they yelled down to field level to explain what happened, and the ball was tossed back up so that the guy could give it to his son again. Just great!

6. I think there should be a page in the Pork Illustrated about fan etiquette. Unless there’s an emergency, there’s really no reason to move in and out of a row or a section while the ball is in play. Ideally, fans should wait until between innings. If it’s a quick move, it can be done between batters. But please, DURING a pitch? Really? This goes for you, too, FeFe: There’s no reason for being in the front row of my section during play. There are three concourses for social shenanigans. Between innings, fine, anything goes. My wife, who’s not even a baseball fan, has gone as far as to yell the dollar amount of four club-level seats for a 72-game season. (“$xxxxx” “What’s that?” “That’s how much I’m paying to sit here. Now sit down so that I can see.”) I’ve been more gentle, simply pointing out, “Hey, there’s baseball over there!” And keep in mind, it’s not just me: If I have to stand up, the guy behind me can’t see either.

7. I think I’ll refrain from making Ritalin jokes. A) It’s not fair to people who really need Ritalin. B) I don’t know all the facts. C) I think Frandsen will be back.

8. I think tailgating is about as close as I can get to camping. Friday night we made Chicago-style hot dogs in the lower LSI lot. Magical powers, I tell you!

9. I think if Shane Victorino needs a DL stint, Richie Thompson deserves the call. Not that I don’t want him for the ‘Pigs, but I think he would add defense and baserunning that the other alternatives can’t. BTW, I also think Dweezy is playing harder since Vic’s hammie started hurting. JMHO.

10. I think if you ever see me purchasing Dodge launch-a-ball tennis balls, you should call me a cab. In that case, there’s no way I should be driving. You could make a similar case if you should see me shouting, “GROCE–ERRR-EEEES.”

Kram’s Korner is a guest post to the Horn & Bell blog offering a perspective “From the Club Level”

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5 replies

  1. Thanks Kram – I enjoyed them all. I agree with most but not all of them !

  2. Loved the post. Who shops at ALDI’s anyway? Thompson deserves a move up if needed, he is very dynamic. Would miss his play with the “Pigs”. And yes, that was great when the ball was returned to the kids on the Club Level. Another one of life’s warm and fuzzy moments. Love what Sandberg is bringing to the team and love the way the team is responding to his leadership. I don’t think I have ever seen so many signals being sent in from the dugout as I have this year. GO PIGS!!!

  3. Sue, don’t completely count out Aldi*… many of their canned foods hold their own with the big brands… and my family’s gotten frozen products without problem from them as long as they’ve been here!

    *Not to be confused with Al D. (you can find him on TV2, and on 1470-The FOX ah b’lieve).

    5. I heard this described on the 2. Nice!

  4. Yeah, I mean, don’t get me wrong: All props to Aldi for supporting the local team and all due credit the IronPigs for finding a sponsor which satisfied my requirements of “something we can shout” and “free food.” Now, I need to be more specific about the food, and it’s still only certain sections…. I’m just saying I won’t be shouting it–and if I am, well, perhaps I’m off my meds that day…might want to take away my keys.

    Same goes for the tennis balls. I think it’s silly, but, well, if I could get people to pay me $1/ball to throw tennis balls in my back yard, you can bet that I would take it. I’m not upset they have it; just I won’t be doing it. And if my kids are doing it then they’re using their own money.

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