Ranking the Fan Challenges

You know the ones. A fan is selected to go on the field, court or ice to perform some impossible task with a huge pay-out on the line should he or she actually have success. These are the three that I’m most aware of, but let me know if there are others and how you’d rank them. Please use the comments so that everyone can see.

Hardest: Mid-court basketball shot.

If you’re a player or former player perhaps you’ve worked on this a bit and it doesn’t seem so hard. I’m not sure I could get the ball anywhere near the basket. Perhaps with a little practice I might be able to have a miracle-chance.

Next: Hockey end-line shot.

Later today I’ll take the ice at PPL Center to launch a puck the length of the ice, hoping it somehow finds the little slot at the bottom of the opposing goal. I haven’t struck a puck with a stick in probably 40 years, but somehow I think there’s a non-zero chance I can get $1000 towards my season tickets for the Phantoms next year. If I do, you can be darned sure there will be video of it everywhere my computer can reach.  If you don’t hear from me, you can assume it was a miserable failure.

Easiest: Soccer cross-bar shot.

Back in the days of the Bethlehem Steel FC USL Soccer at Goodman Stadium, I was selected to take a shot from the top of the box, and if I hit the cross bar my season tickets would be free. I wasn’t free to attend that game (ironically, I was coaching a soccer game) so I never got to try. I feel like I would have had a decent chance, and I think they were going to give me two tries. I was a soccer player in high school, though, so that’s the other reason I find this the easiest of the challenges, for me.

Share your thoughts below, and I’ll see you at the IronPigs after my hockey attempt tonight,


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  1. Epilogue:
    I didn’t make the shot. I have a litany of excuses but I’m happy that I didn’t embarrass myself–the shot had the proper speed and wasn’t bouncing or rolling. But:
    1) My feet were in the wrong position. I’m right-handed but shoot left for hockey. I should have taken more time to square my feet.
    2) Back in my day, hockey sticks weren’t curved. Yeah I’m that old. It’s not that I wasn’t aware of it, I just didn’t totally correct for it and the last time I struck a puck with a stick on the ice was 40 years ago.
    3) I had four IPAs prior to the shot. In retrospect I should have cut it off at two.

    Anyway, it was fun, and a nice perk for Premier Season Ticket Members. I even got a free puck out of the deal.

    PS: They offered me a second shot for $200 charity donation. I offered $50 but they weren’t budging. I declined.

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