Pig Out! – IronPigs Add New Food for 2022

UPDATED: 4/6/2022 8AM:

Following the loss of the 2020 minor league season, and the severe restrictions placed ono the 2021 season, the IronPigs have once again returned to their rightful place as the source of all decadent food in the Lehigh Valley–and beyond.

Some of the items below haven’t been fully released yet, and some of the details are missing from my research following the food preview held for the media today. Here’s what I know right now, and the blanks will hopefully be filled in later.

Porker Pierogie Bowl

What Is It?:  Pierogies topped with pulled pork, Coleslaw and Bacon Bits

Where Can I Find It?:  Blast Furnace Grill, TD Bank Plaza

How Much?:

Loaded Bavarian Pretzel

What Is it?:  Soft pretzel topped with sauerkraut, bacon bits and spicy mustard

Where Can I Find It?:  Pizza Stand

How Much?:

Caramel Turtle Pretzel

What Is it?:  Soft pretzel topped with chocolate syrup, caramel and kosher salt

Where Can I Find It?: Pizza Stand

How Much?:

Chipotle Black Bean Burger

What Is it?:  Black bean burger patty topped with lettuce, tomato, and thousand island dressing

Where Can I Find It?:  Tiki Terrace

How Much?:

Bacon Cannoli

What Is it?:

Where Can I Find It?:  Pizza Stand

How Much?:

Turkey BBQ Parfait

What Is it?: Turkey BBQ layered with mashed potatoes and topped with cheddar cheese

Where Can I Find It?: Lunch Pail Hot Dog

How Much?:

Cuban Burger

What Is it?: Pork patty topped with Ham, Swiss Cheese, and spicy mustard on a kaiser roll

Where Can I Find It?:  Iron Grill (behind 102)

How Much?:



The Pork Racer (Hot Dog)

What Is it?: All beef hot dog wrapped in bacon and topped with pulled pork BBQ and candied jalapenos

Where Can I Find It?: Lunch Pail Hot Dog

How Much?:




Chickie’s and Pete’s Crab Fries

What Is it?:  The classis Philadelphia stadium snack is now available at a new Chickie’s and Pete’s concession stand in the Plaza.  Crinkle cut fries coated in “Old Bay” and served with a side of creamy mild cheddar sauce.  No actua crab and no seafood, just the spices. 

Where Can I Find It?:  As speculated, the new Chickie’s stand is between the Blast Furnace Grill and Aw Shucks Corn.  It’s the former location of Ferrous’ Funnel Cakes and Fries.

How Much?:  $10 for a large cup of fries with one side cup of cheese sauce.  Extra cheese sauce can be purchased. The only other items at the new concession are bottled sodas and bottled water.  

Three Little Pigs Sandwich

What Is it?: Pulled Pork BBQ, Fried Ham, and bacon on a kaiser roll

Where Can I Find It?: (details unknown, perhaps blast furnace)

How Much?:




That’s It?

Nope, there’s some other stuff I was able to find.  The club level bar menu is mostly new.  I’m assuming with no cash we’ll continue to order from our phones for delivery to stadium seats or to the bar.  Conspicuous by absence, there’s no burger or chicken wings.  UPDATE:  Burgers are there, as well as a lot of the favorites from last season.  Still no chicken wings, but understandable due to high prices and supply-line problems.  Like last season you order from the app on your phone and pay with credit card or “Apple Pay” in whatever version.  Food comes out in a nice box with a receipt and your exact order information.  Here’s the highlights and prices for some of the new items:

  • Crunchy Chicken Wrap $11
  • Hot Dog Flight Board – Three different hot dog riffs $12
  • Street Tacos – Chicken, Beef and Fish? $12
  • Colossal Pretzel w/ three sauces – $10
  • Pork Belly Sliders – $9
  • Reuben Pretzel Sandwich – $10
  • Turkey BBQ Sub, topped with cole slaw – $9
  • Steak Quesadillas – $12
  • Fried Pickles – $9

Hog Heaven and the Pig Stop

These other PNC Club Level concessions seem mostly the same.  The grilled chicken is missing from Hog Heaven, replaced by fried chicken so heart health takes another hit.  UPDATE: Early season the Pig Stop isn’t up and running yet.  

Tiki Terrace and Oasis

I’m not sure if these items are available at the bar or at the high-top tables and whatnot.  Perhaps you order from your phone as in the club and can have delivered.  Last year, I tried to order from the Tiki menu and have delivered to Club.  That didn’t work.  I imagine this menu is the same or similar to what is available in the Pig Pen and the Hot Corner.  But they’ve got some interesting and different stuff highlighted by:

  • California Burger 
  • Hog Wild Burger
  • Footlong Hot Dog
  • Funnel Cake Fries (not new, I just like them)

UPDATE:  Early season, a Tiki menu could not be located.  Once groups are present in the Tiki, Oasis and Pig Pen, we’ll check back on availability and prices for that menu. 

I know this post is woefully incomplete, but we’ll try to update it as we go on.  Sometimes in the past certain menu items weren’t available early in the season–I hope that’s not the case this time.  There’s been talk about doing some food reviews, so stay tuned if that comes to fruition.  Finally, take advantage of the PigsFoodFinder.com site to locate all of your favorite concession items, either by item search or by individual concession stand.  Also, all the beers are on there, too, so if you’re looking for something in particular it can be handy.  I hope they keep it up to date this season; it’s unique and invaluable for the hungry fan.  

See you at the park–I’ll be the one with a reuben pretzel in each hand,


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