HOCKEY DAY IN ALLENTOWN: “Bad Hockey” 10/24/2021

It felt like 2014 all over again. Just like that. Hockey was back at the PPL Center and we have a team that’s not good at it. But we’re back at it today–it’s the first regular season visit by the Penguins affiliate.

Photo: Kram

The lowly Wolfpack schooled the hapless Phantoms last night at the PPL Center, 3-1.  And it wasn’t that close.  7,514 were on hand to witness the atrocity.  I don’t often quote shots, because they can be impacted so much by the game flow, but with the game close or tied, the Wolfpack still managed to put 41 shots on goal to the Phantoms measly 22.  

Let’s hope for a better effort today.  

I don’t have any lineup or roster notes for you.  They all need to play better.  Except maybe Sandstrom.  But he’ll likely get today off after having done yeoman’s work last evening.

Trivia Corner:  Which NHL stadium does not have the red line overlapping the team logo?


Season Ticket Doors: 2:00PM

Public Doors: 2:15PM

Show: 3:05PM

Hockey: 3:18PM

Parking: I’m sorry I didn’t reiterate in previous posts, but parking in authority lots and decks is “head-in” only.  They’re making more money right now from tickets than on event parking because folks are backing into spots–and the signage is very, very poor.  The Farr Lot in particular, I couldn’t even find a sign, and I was looking for one.  So many folks backed in or pulled through, and they all had orange tickets after the game.  But why?  It’s so that automated readers (car? bike? robot? drone?  I have no idea) can read the license plates and check for registrations, past unpaid tickets and fees, over time limit, or other petty infractions.  I don’t even know if they’re fully capable of that yet, they just want that sweet, sweet ticket money.  I believe the arena deck, controlled by the arena authority, is immune from such silliness.  And, with so many people, especially kids, running around after a game, I find it safer to leave having backed into a spot.  It’s not about being fancy.  Like so many things, it’s negative value.  (rant over)

Penguins (2-1) are in town.  They beat the Wolfpack Friday night, then had last night off to rest.  Seems fair.  On the young season they are 2/11 on the power play, and a mirror 11/2 on the PK.  (Meanwhile the Phantoms are a putrid 1/16 on PP opportunities, and shutting down 10/1 on the PK)

Referee Patrick Hanrahan (#52)
Referee Beau Halkidis (#48)
Linesperson John Rey (#16)
Linesperson J.P. Waleski (#14)


Pens Sunday

Photo: Kram

What To Watch

  • Football?
  • Look for a rededication from individual players.  You might not see it in all.  Or, any?
  • Look for some kind of sign of life on the power play.  Maybe?
  • Expecting Ersson in goal.
  • Expecting low attendance

Photo: Kram

Up Next

Home and home continues on Wednesday at the Penguins arena.  Friday the team will be in Utica, NY to face the Devils affiliate newly stationed there.  Next Saturday back home on October 30 for the Syracuse Crunch, AHL affiliate of the Tampa Lightning.  

See you at the arena…maybe,


Trivia:  The Bell Centre in Montreal has two logos, one on each side of the center line. 

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