Team USA comes to the PPL Center for an exhibition versus Team Canada tonight. It’s the opening night of the “My Why Tour.”


“This is why you lift all them weights.”

     – Bill Parcells

“Every athlete has their ‘why.’ Whether it’s their team, their family, the next generation or just for the love of the game. It’s why they work hard. Why they push themselves to achieve their goals; their driving force to succeed. It’s what they go to during their challenges, their greatest disappointments. It’s also the first point of reflection in the moment of triumph. It paves the way for future generations, inspires the athletes of tomorrow.

Join the U.S. Women’s National Team as they showcase their collective ‘why’ this fall on the My Why Tour, presented by Toyota.”

     – Excerpt from USA Hockey, My Why Tour.  Full Site Here

Video Preview


Game Notes:

Team USA: 102221_vs_CAN_Game_Notes USA

Team Canada:  Rosters and Stats


What To Expect:

I’m expecting some good hockey, I’ll tell you that.

But here’s what else to expect, as far as the information I have right now.  I’ll update as the afternoon goes on, if I have a chance.  

  • USA Hockey runs the show.  The game will be on NHL Network tonight, but as far as going to the arena, there could be some differences compared with a normal Phantoms game, based on the regulations and desires of USA Hockey.
  • We’re expecting Chickie’s & Pete’s to re-open tonight.  I’ve seen nothing official, and I haven’t heard from 99 Bottles yet, either.  But that’s what I’ve been told.
  • Good seats still remain.  But it looks like we’re just using the lower seating bowl, so it’s possible the walk-up could use up a bunch.  My advice is to purchase tickets in advance of heading downtown.  
  • Parking.  Should be as per usual.  Pre-purchase if planning to use the arena deck.  Other wise plan on $6 either on the way in or the way out, depending on venue.
  • Security.  Security is an arena department.  Expect it to be consistent with Phantoms games.
  • COVID/Masks.  This is also an arena department, and must be consistent with State and Local regulations.  As with Phantoms games, they are recommending masks inside; that is still the CDC guideline regardless of vaccine status, unless you’re eating or drinking.  Some do and some don’t.  You likely will not be asked for a vaccine card.  
  • Game Time:  7:30PM   *I expect this to be accurate because of national TV coverage.
  • Doors:  6:30PM as far as I know. I don’t expect any Phantoms Season Ticket differences.  

Story Line

The local story line to follow is that Team Canada Forward Jill Saulnier is the sister of Phantoms Forward Brennan Saulnier.  Jill wears #11.


My Why Tour

Team Canada Women’s Hockey

Team Canada Rivalry Series


See you at the arena,


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