HOCKEY DAY IN ALLENTOWN: “Put The Lid On” 5/16/2021

“Put a lid down on it, and everything will be all right…

I’ll put a lid down on it, save it for another night.”

~Thomas Maxwell / Squirrel Nut Zippers

Photo: Jack Mitroka

Crazy Nights

So with today’s game we’ll officially put a lid on the long (?) crazy pandemic season that was 2021.  As I’ve maintained all along, it’s been a fun team to watch and I certainly looked forward to all the games that I was able to attend–and had fun watching them.  Yes, I have been known to leave games early in the past, but I don’t think I left before the final horn once this season.  The games were just that enjoyable, and the players just that interesting.  

I’m not going to bemoan the lack of playoffs too much–not after reading that the make-shift tournament being played out west will have the players not getting paid.  But still, it would have been fun to see what this club would look like playing playoff hockey, and how they would match up to teams other than Hershey, Wilkes-Barre and the Devils.  

We don’t get to hang up any banners based on the standings, either, after the Bears took over the first place spot the Phantoms had held for so much of the season.  In fact, Hershey finishes as the best team in the entire league, by win percent, and some have said that they looked like the best team in the league, overall.  Still, three of Hershey’s seven regulation losses and both overtime losses came versus the Phantoms.  It would have been a good playoff series, that’s for sure.  

And I suppose we lose out on the coveted Pennsylvania Cup, as well.  The Phantoms sit at 18-7-4-1 prior to today’s game.


Photo: Jack Mitroka

The Boys in the Room

There have been a myriad roster moves since I last updated you, so let’s just paste in the last few:

Date Player Team   Transaction
Wade Allison
Wade Allison (F)
Lehigh Valley
ADD Returned on loan from Philadelphia (NHL)
Felix Sandstrom
Felix Sandstrom (G)
Lehigh Valley
ADD Returned on loan from Philadelphia (Taxi)
Cam York
Cam York (D)
Lehigh Valley
ADD Returned on loan from Philadelphia (NHL)
Wyatte Wylie
Wyatte Wylie (D)
Lehigh Valley
ADD Returned on loan from Philadelphia (Taxi)

Mostly, having plundered the Phantoms roster for taxi squad guys and to give guys looks in advance of next season and the necessary off-season decision making, the Flyers returned some guys who could use some additional ice time, and whom we like to see on the ice.  

Lines in last night’s overtime loss to the Penguins:

20 Willman – 86 Mueller – 11 Allison

13 Fitzgerald – 9 O’Reilly – 21 Sandin

26 Saulnier – 7 MacMaster – 14 Wisom

49 Wilson – 25 Bunnaman – 38 Kase

5 Wotherspoon – 6 Hogberg

4 Zamula – 44 York

51 Pouliot – 27 Bigras

31 Zane McIntyre (32 Sandstrom)

Injured:  Foerster, Ratcliffe

“Look what I found!”
Photo: Jack Mitroka


It’s a 3:05PM Sunday Matinee at the PPL Center today.  Expect doors at 2:30PM.  Parking in the arena deck for $6.  The Devils are in town.  The Phantoms are 8-1-1-1 versus the Devils this season.

For your pre- and post-game nourishment, here’s what I could find on our favorite downtown establishments for this Sunday afternoon:

The Dime:  Really only open for hotel guests right now.  Closed Sunday.

99 Bottles:  Closed Sunday

Bru Daddy:  Open today 11AM – 6PM.  Consider a reservation as they’ve been very popular with the hockey fans lately.  I wonder if they’ll stay open a little later if a bunch of post-game action ends up there?

Tacos y Tequila:  11AM – 9PM.  They do have a limited brunch menu I think, if you’re uptown early.  

Bell Hall:  Closed Sundays

The Hamilton:  10-3 Brunch; 4-9 Dinner 

BrewWorks:  11AM – 10PM (unsure if they still have brunch or not)

Downtown Allentown Market:  Closed Sundays


Devils Lid

Referee Jordan Samuels-Thomas (#80)
Referee Jeremy Tufts (#78)
Linesman Michael Magee (#41)
Linesman Tyler Loftus (#11)

Photo: Jack Mitroka

Things To Watch

  1. McIntyre was in net last night, so I’d expect Sandström today.  He’s looked really good lately.  Can he keep it up? 
  2. Some of these young guys we’ve enjoyed watching this season will likely be with the Flyers next season, so keep an eye on guys like York and Allison today.
  3. Watch meLVin.  Poor pladottle has been trapped in his box all season.  How much trouble do you think I’d get in if I try to go visit him by sneaking in?  I just need a couple high-5s and I’ve had all my shots. 
  4. These teams know each other so well by now, will anything bubble up?  Will a hapless Devils team go quietly or will they manifest some frustrations in the fisticuffs department?
  5. Watch to see if the team puts things together a bit better than last night.  There were some opportunities there, but with all the personnel changes and line shifts, sometimes they just couldn’t connect on a goal.  Credit the Pens, too.  But, if the Phantoms do click, today could be a blow-out. 

Photo: Jack Mitroka

Roll Credits

Time to pass out some thank-you’s to those who made my season and our season so enjoyable under extraordinary circumstances.  “You know what you did.”

Rich S


Rich L




And to all the Phantoms staff, what’s left of them, for doing the work of many to put these games on despite unprecedented adversity.  And to Jim and Rob Brooks for keeping the puck rolling. 

See you at the arena today…and then again in October!


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