HOCKEY DAY IN ALLENTOWN: “Afternoon Delight” 4/7/2019

“It was nice to finally finish on a breakaway that I have. Guys on the bench were joking about going 0-for-6 before that, but our system is good for getting opportunities on the kill and luckily tonight we took advantage of that.”

-Cole Bardreau

Photo: Jack Mitroka

The Phantoms kept their fleeting playoff hopes alive last night with a 4-2 win over the Penguins, powered by….

[Hang on my phone just buzzed.]

Oh, it was an update from the app:  Cole Bardreau just scored another short-handed goal!


1 y – Charlotte Checkers 73 48 17 7 1 104 0.712 47 244 185 0-1-0-0 7-2-1-0 932
2 x – Bridgeport Sound Tigers 73 41 23 6 3 91 0.623 35 224 218 1-0-0-0 5-3-1-1 1046
3 Hershey Bears 72 40 25 3 4 87 0.604 32 196 207 0-1-0-0 6-3-1-0 943
4 Providence Bruins 72 36 25 8 3 83 0.576 34 216 198 0-1-0-0 5-3-1-1 919
5 Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins 72 35 27 7 3 80 0.556 30 218 203 0-1-0-0 5-4-1-0 1108
6 Lehigh Valley Phantoms 72 35 30 4 3 77 0.535 31 220 231 1-0-0-0 5-4-1-0 823
7 Springfield Thunderbirds 72 31 27 9 5 76 0.528 31 234 228 3-0-1-0 5-3-2-0 1025
8 Hartford Wolf Pack 72 28 34 7 3 66 0.458 26 197 252 0-5-1-0 2-7-1-0 881

Cheer for the Phantoms today, and watch the scoreboard as Providence hosts Utica at the same time–we need a Utica win as well as our own in order to stay relevant going forward into Tuesday at Hershey.

Team Notes

Prior to the game yesterday, we learned that F Mike Vecchione and D David Schlemko are injured, and out for the year.  F Misha Vorobyev also missed yesterdays game as injured, but was not given that designation.  D Phil Myers did make it back and play in the game.  Read yesterdays preview for more on guests and ATOs.

Lines Last Night:

10 Carey 25 Bunnaman 22 Conner

12 Goulbuorne 18 Froese 16 Aube-Kubel

24 Twarynski 9 Bardreau 29 Laberge

8 Strome 13 McDonald 38 Kase

6 Samuelsson 5 Myers

7 Palmquist 44 Willcox

2 de Haas 43 Brennan

34 Lyon (56 McKenna)


Royal Report

Reading was eliminated from the playoffs.  They came from behind to win their final game last night in part because of two Steven Swavely goals, beating Adirondack 5-3.  However, they were eliminated from the playoffs due to a Brampton win.



The IronPigs won both ends of their doubleheader last night just across the bridge from the hockey arena, 12-3 and 4-1 over Rochester.  Indeed it was a good night for Lehigh Valley professional sports!

Today, the IronPigs play at 1:35PM, with gates at 12:00PM (club) and 12:15PM (main); the hockey doors open at 2:00PM for the 3:05PM event with hockey likely at 3:15PM.  Once again, there’s the opportunity to pre-game at the ballpark if you want to pay for parking twice (but then, street parking is free on Sundays, so…)

Today is a rematch of the game from last night.  Look for the Penguins to come out with more determination as they also are fighting for their playoff lives.  There’s a growth-chart giveaway for the kiddos.

Referee Olivier Gouin (#54)
Referee Reid Anderson (#49)
Linesman Ryan Knapp (#73)
Linesman Bill Lyons (#27)


SWB Sunday 4719


Five Things To Watch

  • Lineup:  I know it’s a day game following a night game, but desperate times call for desperate measures–I’d trot out the same group exactly, Lyon included, and tell them to do it again.  You can bet Jarry will be in net again for the Pens.
  • Additions:  Reading and Philadelphia have completed their seasons.  There is the possibility that players could be added for today’s game.  In that case, perhaps a Corban Knight or a Justin Bailey or a Steven Swavely might be a good idea, after all.
  • Special Teams:  The Phantoms were 0/0 on the power play because I guess the Penguins did not commit any penalties for an entire game.  At all.  Watch to see if perhaps that’s a bit more even this game, and if the Phantoms can capitalize.  (Of course, the Phantoms were 2/3 on their power play courtesy of Cole Bardreau.  But I digress.)
  • Attendance:  I don’t have any money on the numbers this year, and we all know there’s fiction baked in anyway, but not for nothing:  7,715 at baseball last night; 8,435 at hockey.  So take a peek at the attendance numbers just for fun, anyway.  And that’s a LOT of locals out enjoying professional sports on a Saturday night!
  • Instagram.  I’ve got something really fun I’m planning to post later, if it all works out.  Give a follow:  Kram207


Where Do We Go From Here?

The Phantoms are in Hershey for a mid-week tilt on Tuesday.  Stay tuned for the relevance of that game.  As I wrote yesterday, if it all comes to an end, at least we were playing meaningful hockey into April.  That’s what you’re looking for at the beginning of the season.  I know that leaves my standards pretty low considering the number of teams that make the playoffs, but with the way the winds can change and impact your minor league squad, and the ubiquitous impact of the Flyers various problems, I feel like it’s justified.

The Hamilton Street Heroes also have a game on the road in Providence on Friday.  It would be great if that game meant something.  We’ll close out the (regular) season at home next Saturday with Hartford.


See you at the arena–or more likely the ballpark,



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