Happy Pig Day! And What’s New With The IronPigs

Oink On!

Today is “National Pig Day” and for the 11th year, we will observe the holiday by gathering at Coca Cola Park on Saturday to pick up ticket packages, single-game tickets, new merchandise, and the like.  As always, there will be pork sandwiches and friends to reunite with.  I’ll copy the complete details of the day below.  It sounds like this season we’ll again be in the club level to stay out of the cold.  Ticket pick up might be down in the clubhouses, but the email was pretty vague–follow the signs is what I’m going to do!

But first, you might be wondering about what the IronPigs have new for us this season.  There have been no billboard campaigns or goofy media conferences.  Things have been strangely quiet, methinks.  It could be that the grand reveal of some super special thing will be made closer to the home opener, which is a little late this season on April 12.  (The Pigs open on the road at P’tucket April 5.)

Or, it could be a quiet year with more “low-key” changes than big fancy ones like scoreboards and stadium construction and new uniform designs.  We’ll just have to wait and see, and if there’s one guy who won’t be able to find out early, it’s me.  You should see those folks clam up when they see me coming.  I’ll have to cultivate the back-channel sources better I guess.

However, there are a couple things that I’ve picked up on so far:

  1. New Ticketing Software:  In the past, the IronPigs used TicketReturn for their online ticket management.  The fee for online tickets was $1.00 each.  It appears they’ve switched to “ProVenue” with an “enhanced” $1.50 fee.  Fees are horrible, but somebody has to pay for the service and it’s usually us.  Still, those fees are nothing compared to the Comcast/Spectacor/Spectra/Paciolan system the arena uses.  I’ve confirmed the new ticket software with the team, and they tell me the online management for season ticket holders members will be the same or better compared with TicketReturn.  I’m wondering if new features like mobile ticketing and so on will be available.
  2. New Concession Items:  Every year we get some enhancements to the menus.  New items and other changes for this season have not yet been announced–we’ll cover them when they are–but you can expect changes.  I’ve been told there are several additions to the Club Level Bar menu, and no removals, for this season.  The occasional specialty item at the “Pig Stop” will no longer be a thing, I’ve learned.
  3. Oink On!  “Oink On” and it’s hashtag #OinkOn will be the new promo for the team this season.  Going by memory and without checking the magnet schedules on Dan’s fridge, here’s what I remember from past seasons:  “Go Hog Wild”   “Laugh, Cheer, Oink”   “Pig Out”  “Pigs Fly” (or some variation) and “Bacon USA”.
  4. Beer:  Quietly, last August, there appeared a long missing beer at Coca Cola Park.  There was no fanfare and no announcement that I heard.  But, Yuengling Lager and Light Lager appeared both on tap and in cans.  It’s not my favorite beer or anything, but it is very, very popular here in this part of the state, so close to it’s origin.  I’m expecting further beer selection changes this season and hopefully a bit of rhyme and reason for what’s available and where.  Those in the “know” have told me that there exists a complex political system of distribution and sales when it comes to brews made available at the park.  Hopefully they can balance selection and quality without any big changes in price and make things easy to locate.  In any case, I hope they continue with the “food finder” they debuted last season.  That made it easy for even veterans like me to find the snacks and beverages I need on any given night.
  5. “Ribbie”  Just this week we found out about the new pork racer.  “Ribbie” is a quarter-rack of ribs that has been highly rated on the pork-racer scouting reports.  They tell me he could be a “top 4” pork racer as soon as this season.  We’ll see!  I think Hambone is due for a comeback season now that they’ve watered down the competition.  Pretty soon we’ll have as many mascots as Reading.  Can any of these guys (gals?) play an instrument?  😉
  6. Parking and Egress:  No, I don’t think there will be any significant change to the parking lots.  However, with the Tilghman Street Bridge closed for repairs, getting out of the park could take on some additional maneuvers for some of us.  I’m still not sure how I’m going to handle it, but if you see me scooting out early this season this might be why.
  7. “Cerdos de Hierro”  The IronPigs will be part of a new MiLB Hispanic fan engagement initiative this season.  Details are still to come from the team, but you can read about the league-wide details HERE.   I’m imagining we’ll have some special jerseys and hats for a game or a series sometime this season.  It could be 5/23-24 versus Rochester according to the league, as well as 8/28 away in P’tucket.

IronPigs Media Release:


Single-game tickets for the Lehigh Valley IronPigs will go on sale to the public on Saturday, March 3 as part of the team’s National Pig Day celebration.

This year’s event starts at 9 a.m. and includes a complimentary piece of chocolate-covered bacon for the first 200 ticket purchasers 18 and older, a pig roast with complimentary pork sandwiches and a number of fun family activities. Tootsee the Clown and Friends will be at the ballpark entertaining young fans with face painting and balloon animals. A free magic show is scheduled to begin on the Coordinated Health Club Level at 11:30 a.m.

The Majestic Clubhouse Store, stocked with the latest IronPigs gear for the new season, will open its doors early for the Pig Day celebration. The store will be open from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. on March 3.

Bacon, USA, members are encouraged to join in on the festivities by picking up their 2018 ticket packages between 9:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. As a reminder, fans can save $2 off single-game ticket prices by making a purchase in advance of gameday, starting on National Pig Day.

Fans seeking to guarantee the best seats at Coca-Cola Park are encouraged to consider a Bacon, USA, Membership Plan before individual tickets go on sale. Plans are available in sizes ranging from four– and nine-game plans all the way through full-season offerings. Members enjoy year-round perks including savings on gameday parking, ballpark credit on each ticket, discounts at the Majestic Clubhouse Store and early access to tickets for other events at Coca-Cola Park. Some memberships include guaranteed giveaways (club level 35- and 70-game plans), VIP access to watch batting practice (full-season plans) and an invitation to the Bacon, USA, Holiday Party (35- and 70-game plans). For more information, call 610-841-PIGS (7447).

To start the festivities, tickets will be available to fans on a walk-up basis beginning at 9 a.m. at the Coca-Cola Park ticket office. The ticket office will remain open until 5 p.m. and be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, March 4. Beginning at 1 p.m. on March 3, fans will also be able to purchase single-game tickets online at IronPigsBaseball.com or over the phone.

Festivities to celebrate National Pig Day weekend are scheduled from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. on March 3, at Coca-Cola Park. The list of activities appears below:

• One (1) complimentary piece of chocolate-covered bacon for the first 200 ticket purchasers 18 and older.
• Full-Season Bacon, USA, Members Ticket Pick-Up (9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.): Enter through the West Gates (Coordinated Health Club Level entrance) to receive your 2018 IronPigs membership package.
• Pig Roast – Beginning at 9 a.m., fans can receive complimentary pork sandwiches (while supplies last).
• Complimentary Hot Dogs, Coca-Cola products and hot chocolate – Available from 9 a.m. to noon or while supplies last.
• Children’s Activities (9 a.m. to 12 p.m.) – The popular entertainer, Tootsee the Clown and Friends will be creating complimentary balloon animals for young fans. A free magic show will begin at 11:30 a.m. on the club level. Free face painting will also be available.
• IronPigs mascots will be making appearances throughout the morning.
• Coordinated Health Club Level access – Stay warm and check out the view from Coca-Cola Park’s climate-controlled lounge area.
• Special savings all day long on select items at the Majestic Clubhouse Store.

Prices for single-game IronPigs tickets start as low as $10 for General Admission, which grants fans access to the spacious Capital BlueCross Lawn, the Bud Light Trough, the Oasis and all other standing-room-only areas on the concourse. The IronPigs also offer an $11 General Admission value ticket that includes $5 of ballpark credit that can be redeemed for food, beverage, or merchandise (certain restrictions apply). Field Level reserved seats are $13. A limited number of Coordinated Health Club Level tickets priced at $18 per game are still available. Bacon, USA, Membership Plans featuring Coordinated Health Club Level tickets are also still available and can be purchased now by calling 610-841-PIGS (7447). Fans can save $2 off single-game ticket prices listed above by making a purchase in advance of gameday beginning on National Pig Day.

Individual tickets for the unique seating areas listed below will also go on sale at Coca-Cola Park beginning on March 3 and are expected to sell quickly:

The Pig Pen area that’s located on the field level and in close proximity to the bullpens and the field of play features 76 exclusive seats across two rows, providing an intimate viewing experience that was previously only enjoyed by the pitchers and catchers in the bullpen. While savoring this truly unique player’s perspective, fans can also enjoy in-seat food and beverage service and take advantage of a completely distinct and mouth-watering menu that’s unique for “Pig Pen” ticket holders. Additional amenities include wide drink rail counters to allow for a more comfortable viewing and dining experience. Pig Pen tickets are $21 per person.

The Hot Corner is located directly below the newly-redesigned Berks Foods Picnic Patio and provides a one-of-a-kind environment on the Field Level. The Hot Corner features 48 swivel-style seats across two rows directly in front of the Picnic Patio and includes great amenities such as in-seat food and beverage service as well as drink rail counters, allowing for a more comfortable viewing and dining experience. Hot Corner tickets are $23 per person.

The Bacon Strip is a bi-level seating area located along the right field wall and has been among the most desired seating inventory at Coca-Cola Park since debuting in 2013. The Bacon Strip, beyond right field’s “home run alley”, includes 75 bar stool seats in the first row and an additional 52 stadium seats on the second level. Both rows of seating include great amenities such as in-seat food and beverage service and the added comfort of drink rail counters for food and beverages. Bacon Strip tickets are $13 per person.

The popular Oasis Islands are located immediately above the left field bullpens, are fully covered, feature a circular half-table with seating for four guests and in-seat service. Each island is priced at $72 per game (each island has seating for four guests). 28 reserved-seating stools with in-seat service and drink rails for food and beverage were recently added directly behind the islands. This seating option, which is fully covered, is priced at $13 per seat. Island mini plans are available today by calling (610) 841-PIGS (7447) or by visiting the Coca-Cola Park offices during normal business hours.

There is no limit on the number of tickets that can be purchased for IronPigs home games. Group tickets for gatherings of 20 or more and can be purchased now by calling 610-841-PIGS (7447) extension 2.

Coca-Cola Park’s National Pig Day celebration is considered to be the largest Pig Day celebration of its kind in the world. National Pig Day was inspired by a Texas school teacher and has been recognized annually since 1972 – and by the IronPigs since their inception in 2008.


See you at the park,

@Kram209 (Soon to be Kram from 206)


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8 replies

  1. Kram: You can tweak your Twitter handle. That woman some of us met at the Park the night PBS39 filmed their documentary did it a couple of times — Emily, if you still read this, confirm it for me…

    It’s going to be a bear trying to cross that Dr Pepper lot tomorrow what with biting north winds, but the hourly models say they’ll have softened somewhat by then.

    Hoping all the media gang shows up…

    • Simple answer to the car park:

      If you’re entering from Dauphin Street, take American Parkway Bridge and Bradford Street to get there. Leaving, the opposite direction.
      If you’re entering from Airport Road or Union Blvd, nothing changes.

      • Entering should be no problem. I come in on the Parkway, over the new bridge, then enter via the main entrance, or if traffic is crazy cut back over to Union and enter there for easy access to the preferred lot. Plus everyone shows up at a different time, so not usually too much of a traffic crunch. If I come from Bethlehem I just use the Union Blvd entrance easy peasy.

        It’s leaving that will be trouble. If I leave via the Union exit, I’ll need to cut back via Dauphin and encounter all the traffic leaving from that exit, then cut back towards the Parkway and wait to make a left with all the other traffic doing the same. It’s going to be a bottleneck, I’m telling you. OR, I could leave via the main entrance, which would be longer, but still have to wait to make a left on the Parkway. I might just try doing Union back to Airport Road and head back to 22. None of it is as easy as just zipping across the Union bridge and the traffic will be the main factor. This is why you might see me leaving early this season until I get it perfected. I’ve got to get West and that means crossing the river–now with one less option to do so.

    • Yeah, I know I “can” change it, it’s really just a matter of if I want to or not. Plus, I didn’t even get the section right as I’m really in 207. Plus they have my tickets and parking all messed up so who knows where I’ll really be. Perhaps I should just leave my twitter brand alone, eh?

  2. CORRECTION: The 2018 schedule has the IronPigs opening the season on Friday, April 6, 2018 and not on April 5 as incorrectly printed in the second paragraph above.

  3. There is only one International League game scheduled on April 5, 2018: Charlotte at Durham.

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