HOCKEY NIGHT IN ALLENTOWN: “Ten and Done” 12/16/2017

In honor of the Syracuse Crunch, who will see their 10-game win streak come to an end tonight, here are the top ten things you need to know about tonight’s game–just ten, then I’m done.

1. New Security Procedures

Email went out this week detailing some slight changes in the bag rules for security.  Please review them.  Also, bring a copy along because although I think it’s great that the team is willing to listen to the fans, I’m not confident that the changes will necessarily be implemented accurately at the gates.

2. No Pucks

The ‘Phantoms Wives’ puck sale and raffle has been postponed, I learned on SpaceBook.  Stay tuned for the makeup date.

3. Walking Wounded

Morin returned.  Took a hard hit then sat a game out.  Vecchione and Vorobyev have missed time.  Injuries and returns unknown.  Swaves and Krusher are in town.  Hora went back to Reading.  Mark Alt remains with the Flyers.  Cole Bardreau remains injured.

4. Martel Scoring

Sprong has caught Martel in the goal category.  Watch to see if Danick can reclaim the lead tonight.

5.  Hershey and the Charlotte Trip

After a rousing defeat of Wilkes Barre the previous Wednesday, and the home win on Friday versus Hershey, the Phantoms hit the road for the back-half of the home/home in Chocolatetown and lost 4-2.  0-for-5 on the PP and Tokarski perhaps not as sharp.  Then again, some of the ‘veterans’ taking big minus in the +/- could be a factor as well.

Then the team headed to Charlotte to face a very strong Checkers side.  After a crazy start, newcomer John Muse relieved Tokarski and shut down the Checkers’ onslaught.  The Phantoms chipped away thanks to 2/4 on power play and ran away with a very nice 6-3 win.

The following night in the two-fer it was Muse getting the start and the formidable Checkers not going quite so easily.  The Phantoms added two late goals in the 5-2 beat-down by the home team.

6.  Goalies

Neuvirth was back on the ice today in Philly but has not yet been re-activated as the Flyers play tonight at home.  Lyon remains as the back-up tonight but you could see he might be returned soon.  In time to make it to Bridgeport tomorrow?  I don’t know.  Maybe Wednesday home for Hartford.

7. Lobsters

Junior is back in town, so if Chickie’s runs out of lobster tails tonight you’ll  know why.  Also if I run out of money and can’t afford beer tonight–same reason.

8. Game Notes/Rosters/Media Kit

Crunch 1216

Lines Last Game:

10 Carey 26 Varone 22 Conner   (“Veteran Line”)

18 Martel 14 Knight 16 Aube-Kubel  (“Young Bucks Line” with Knight in for Vecchione)

28 Lindblom 19 Fazleev 24 Read  (“opportunity line”)

12 Goulbourne 11 Swavely 36 Krushelnyski  (“Energy Line”)


43 Brennan 44 Willcox

8 ONeill 37 Friedman

40 de Haas 39 Comrie


9. Officials

Referee Reid Anderson (#49)

Referee Brandon Blandina (#20)

Linesman Ryan Knapp (#73)

Linesman Luke Murray (#92)


10.  Upcoming

Team heads to Bridgeport tomorrow to face the fifth-place Sound Tigers currently on the heels of the 4th-place Phantoms.  Wednesday we’re back home at the PPL Center for a frisky Hartford squat who is currently in 7th place but who creamed Wilkes Barre last night.  Their only game Christmas weekend is Saturday night in Wilkes Barre.

Final week of the calendar year will see the Hamilton Street Heroes right back there on Casey Plaza on Wednesday 12/27 before returning to the PPL Center for a home two-fer with Charlotte.

Also watch for special holiday jerseys?  Tonight?  Wednesday?  I saw something about it but now I can’t find it.  There might be a special outdoor jersey coming next month as well.


See you at the arena,


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