“RELENTLESS” –The Story of the 2017 IronPigs Lineup

Hector Gomez. Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Welcome to Coca Cola Park where you’ll be pitching against the 2017 IronPigs.

There are no breaks in this lineup.  

Up first, you have to deal with Roman Quinn.  He’ll bat from either side, and if you think he won’t hit you, he’ll bunt and beat it out.  Heck, he beat out a routine grounder to second base earlier this season.

Oh, you think you get a break because he’s injured?  Think again.  Cam Perkins leads the International League in On-Base-Percentage.

Second, you’ve got JP Crawford.  His average and even his on-base are not up to his standards, but he can handle the bat, and you can bet he’ll make you throw some pitches.

Third, Jorge Alfaro.  He’ll swing a bit freely, but if you make a mistake it will be in the batter’s eye before you can blink yours.

If you don’t make it through those three unscathed, you’ll have to deal with Dylan Cozens, who hit the longest home run on file around here just a couple weeks ago.  He’s been seeing more pitches lately and has been seen poking one the opposite way with two strikes.

Finally got out of the heart of the order you think?  Try Rhys Hoskins on for size.  SECOND in the IL in on-base and he’ll hurt you with all manner of hits, including home runs.

Pitch around him and you have the pleasure of facing Nick Williams.  The thing I’ve been impressed with lately about Nick is his short memory.  The other night, after a really bad at-bat or two where he struck out and didn’t see more than 4 pitches, he went 0-2 his next time up.  “Oh, boy” I thought.  Here we go again—

But he worked his way back.  Fouled off a pitch and took a couple balls off the plate.  Next thing you know, he drives a triple to right clearing the bases.

Nicky drives a triple to right. Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Ahh, finally, the bottom three.  A chance for an easy inning.


This isn’t your older brother’s Hoover-Bocock-Chavez.  You’ve now got the pleasure of facing veteran infielder Pedro Florimon hitting in the .300s and Hector Gomez who hit homers in the 20s last season and almost hit for the cycle the other night.  

The nine spot?  

It might be Tom Eshelman who already homered this season–or Ben Lively who can handle the bat a little and is currently with the Phillies.  It could be Jorge Flores if you’re lucky, but more likely Jiandido Tromp who is in favor of hits to or over the wall.  

Nope, you won’t get a break.  You might get through a couple innings, but eventually it will catch up to you.  

Thanks for playing.
Blogging From The Bar,


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