Kram Interviews Mark Appel [VIDEO]

Introduction to 2017 interview series:  Once again this season Cheryl and I took advantage of Media Day access to get some player interviews.  I’ll be releasing them one at a time over the coming days or weeks.  I’ll include some background information about why I asked the questions that I asked–we do this for fun and I do it because I’m genuinely interested in the players and their careers.  Yes, I’m a goofball and no, I’m not interested in doing this as a career or anything of that nature (good thing, right?).

In all of the interviews, I attempt to ask questions that every other media outlet didn’t ask.  It’s because I’m really interested in the answers–I could just read others stuff if I was just going to ask the same thing.  Sometimes I’ll ask obvious stuff but try to spin it a different way.  

Special thanks to IronPigs media assistant Eric Hall for facilitating some of the interviews, as well as Matt Provence and Jon Schaeffer as usual.  

Thanks to the players for their time and their courtesy–not that it would be terribly smart to do anything rude while a camera is rolling, but they were all friendly and good-natured, even before and after the camera was on, putting up with my fake media questions.

Finally, of course, it should be noted that these interviews could never happen without Cheryl Pursell.  Not just because she’s the one holding the camera or the one with the ability to edit and upload–all very important factors–but because she knows the players as well or better than anyone out there and helped me get the questions down and the interviews going.  

RHP Mark Appel

This is as good a place to start as any.

This was the first interview we did, so you’ll see me set it up a little more than any of the others.  These are all short, of course, but that’s how we all consume media these days anyway.  In the setup, I mention that Mark is one of my favorite players.  I did this for a couple reasons.  First of all, he is.  He’s an interesting player gifted with all kinds of talent, but still challenged to battle through his share of adversity during his career.  Secondly, I knew I was about to ask him to relive the day he was injured as well as ask about some of the other challenges he’s facing, and I wanted him to know that I was doing it out of interest in him and not trying to break any stories or anything of that nature.  I also knew from speaking with him last season that he would be forthright and honest regardless, but again, I thought I’d ease into it and let him know what my motives were.



See you at the park,


Featured image by Cheryl Pursell

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