IronPigs: Season 10 Packed With Goodness And Fun

I admit it; I drank it.

GM Kurt Landes served up the Kool Aide and I drank it down, putting me “on board” with all that’s new and good for the 10th season of IronPigs baseball in Allentown.

By now, you know about the scoreboard.  Yes, there will be growing pains.  Of course, there will be ads.  There will be lots and lots of ads.  I’m certain the sales team has been extolling the virtues of advertising on the giant board all off-season, although they were wise enough not to come calling on me.  Finding the baseball information might be tough at first, but eventually we’ll adapt.  The experience will continue to improve as the season goes on.  I’m really hoping they can get some replays up on there once in a while.

The field is new.  Yeah, not totally noticeable right away, but it will play a bit faster this season, and yesterday’s rain-out notwithstanding, it should drain better than the previous field.  And, it looks gorgeous.

The picnic patio is re-done.  I wish they’d re-do the menu, too, but that’s another post entirely.  DiPro and I tested out the seating Tuesday night, and found the sight lines to be perfect–at least in an empty patio.  The odd-number rows have swivel-mesh seats like the ones in the Hot Corner.  The even-number rows have bar-height metal chairs.  Both have drink/food rails.  All seats face the field. The row in front of you does not obscure your view and you will not get kicked in the back of the head by the row behind you, either.  If folks are standing it will probably be an annoyance and as you look down the row there may be some crowd influence on your view, but over all it is a vast improvement over what was there previously.  I’m curious if there are more or less seats there, but even if it’s less I think the effect is better because I don’t know how many times you actually get 8 people at one of those tables.

Yesterday, the IronPigs announced a new, mobile-optimized web page designed to help fans find the food and drink they need in the stadium.  As I’ve written before, the stadium is small enough that you can get whatever you want, whenever you want, from any seat.  However, with the crowds and the lines and all that, it can be a difficult search if you don’t know where to go to find your particular menu item.  There might be stuff available that you didn’t know about.  We have BLT sandwiches?  When did this start?  Anyway, you want proof?  I can show you the sheer volume of hits that blog posts around here have generated by simply providing some of that information about where to find new menu items and where to find different beers.  Is that why the IronPigs had the folks at Weidenhammer design the new site?  Maybe.  But it was necessary and it seems to work very, very well.  It needs to be linked in to the In The Park App, and it should probably include prices.  Those things should be easy to add.  Test it out at  The link is also available in the program if you find yourself in the park and want to access it.  There does seem to be a link to the Bypass App so we’ll see how that integration goes as we perform some tests at upcoming games.

Last year at this time is was a bid disgruntled about all things IronPigs.  A scathing and critical post was trashed at the last minute because I didn’t want to “go negative.”  I was disappointed by the loss of the good pretzels, the horrible POS problems, the lack of control over the seats in the club level, the rearrangement of the available beers and other things.

This season I’m ready for fun and enjoyment.  I’m in a good place.

I didn’t even ask Kurt any tough questions on Media Day:


PS:  I’m not sure there is a such thing as a “minor sink hole” but maybe that’s just me…. 😉


See you at the park,



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  1. They’re still trying to work out some visual glitches, such as the immobility of that Bypass Lane footer bar (could’ve been planned), but as of now they’re manageable. It could have helped to, say, break out where pint bottles, 20oz bottles, and fountain servings of Coke® products were available, but the brass must have thought that a bit much…

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