Linesmen: Tim Lyons #33, Bill Lyons #27

Broadcast:  1470 tonight, 790 tomorrow

What To Watch

  • How does Stolie look after coming down?  Any rust?  Ready for playoffs?
  • McDonald and Morin still with the jump?  Or, feeling the after-effects of so much hockey this week.  Our friends on the Pens LOVE them some Morin….
  • Banfield AND Lyons tonight.  Oh my.
  • See if the Phantoms can be just a bit more deliberate or maybe just a bit more quick with the puck.  The Pens get their sticks in shooting and passing lanes better than any other team.  We’ll need to work around that one way or the other.
  • Watch to see if the Hamilton Street Heroes can solve the goalie.  Scoring versus the Pens has been particularly difficult of late.  I recommend shooting for far post as they’ve been over-protecting near side by my observation.
  • Watch the scoreboard for the Rochester score.  We need them to beat Hershey in regulation.
  • IronPigs home tonight as well.  Not a ton of us with both sets of tickets, but a few.  Plus some corporate overlap.  Watch to see how the attendance looks versus what’s announced.

Looking Ahead

Back at it tomorrow versus Springfield at the PPL.  Another head-to-head versus IronPigs locally, and another opportunity to clinch if we don’t get the win/win scenario that we need tonight.

They’re off on Sunday and play on Casey Plaza on Wednesday before closing out their home schedule a week from tonight versus Providence.

Tonight is the third home game I’m missing this season.  We’ve won the other two by a combined 13-6.