Quick Thoughts On Media Day and 222

Just unloading my mental hard drive after a long day yesterday, and before hockey tonight and opening day tomorrow:


Fightins OF Andrew Pullin
Photo: Cheryl Pursell

  • I didn’t like that they did Reading Media Day at the same exact time as Lehigh Valley.  I even took two days off to account for it.  I know why though, and I know I’m not the only one.
  • Speaking of that kind of thing:  No preseason games in Philly this season and we didn’t get a Phillies game for our 10th anniversary like Reading did for their 50th last season, did we?
  • I get it, though.
  • Our player interviews are yet to come, but I can say all of the players were nice, and courteous and accommodating.  There was one player who hid in the bathroom a la Drew Carpenter.
  • I’m not telling you who it was.
  • Dusty seems like he has a good handle on the job he’s been tasked with, curating this collection of talented AAA players.
  • Doesn’t mean I don’t still miss Brundy, though.
  • Great to see my buddy Jay Floyd there yesterday doing media-type stuff.  Go visit his site at PhoulBallz.com when you have a chance.
  • The scoreboard is big and bright and beautiful.
    • But all the baseball info you need will probably be on the ribbon board above the billboards in left field.  That’s the way it is in Reading.  You’ll need to re-train yourself for where to look for stuff.
    • Sometimes, except when there’s ads there.
    • There’s always gonna be a lot of ads.  Just how it is.  How it always will be.
    • And, there’s gonna be some growing pains as they get everything set up through ops.  I don’t think we’ll grasp the full capabilities of the new system until June or so.
    • Yes, I talked to Kurt yesterday.  He gave me the kool aide and I drank it.
  • Try not to draw too many conclusions from yesterday’s game.  It was cool that the IronPigs won, but the way they won was a little disheartening.  Doesn’t matter.  It was glorified practice.
  • With PIAA Umps.  They were over-matched.
  • You could tell by looking in the players eyes that they were told before the game not to abuse the high school umps.  They wanted to.  But, they kept their mouths shut.  Real baseball starts for us tomorrow.
  • Oh, and Reading batted a 10-man lineup which threw everybody off including the radio and the big screen.  Players appeared with numbers not on the official roster.  Could have been IronPigs in disguise?  Practice I tell you.
  • I do hope they get the radar gun hooked up by tomorrow, though.
  • Also, now that I’m a season ticket member in Reading also, it was hard to cheer against them.
  • I hope Carlos Tocci’s arm is OK.  I’ve been waiting 5 years to see that cat play baseball only to get beaned in a practice game.
  • Pre-season for everyone:  Plenty of staff at all the concessions (..that were open) but everyone’s first day so many didn’t know what to do or where things were.  All the beer was foamy on the 3rd base side and no one could figure out how to fix it.
  • Expect everything open for Thursday–but, similar results especially with everyone having done without ballpark food all offseason.  Normal long lines on opening night expected.  The savvy will eat beforehand or just grab a dollar dog or six and be done with it.
  • It’s a long season… 😉

See you at the park,



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