Meet The Pigs Press: Dusty Wathan Media Day [video]

We’ll have more video interviews from IronPigs Media Day to come.  However, as we head into opening day at Coca Cola Park tomorrow, I wanted you to get this first as there are some nice nuggets about how the new “Boss Hog” will manage his talent-laden roster this upcoming season.  The video is 16 1/2 minutes–the media conference in its entirety and much longer than most of the other videos to come.

Some important points I think you’ll hear:

  • They’re gonna get as much “advance scouting” on opposing teams as possible in the minors, in order to provide catcher Jorge Alfaro with information like he’ll be expected to process on the next level calling the game.  (This should help the pitchers, too.)
  • Dusty is focused on getting this guys to the major leagues.  He wants to see them do their job and be consistent.  “For today, this IS their big leagues.”
  • None of the ‘Pigs relievers are true closers on the next level.  For that reason, he’s going to ask them to pitch more than one inning in an outing in most cases.  It might be four outs or six, but you’ll see him use the ‘pen that way for a reason this season.  It’s about getting them prepared.
  • The lineup will be pretty consistent night to night, with players switching in and out of DH and spots, but very little shuffling.


Video, editing, uploading:  Cheryl Pursell

Placing remote mic on the desk and walking away:  Kram

RIP Cheryl’s shoulders for holding the camera above her head the whole time.  😉


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