Making Mecca Of Minor League Sports Safe For Unmitigated Propaganda

The largely unknown little town of Piestany in the country that no longer exists known as Czechoslovakia played host to one of if not the most spectacular bench-clearing brawls ever witnessed in the entire history of ice hockey, itself, on the final day of the 1987 IIHF World Junior Championship. In response to this 20-minute melee which local authorities famously tried to squash simply by turning out the arena’s lights, the ruling International Ice Hockey Federation held an emergency meeting in one of the facility’s offices above the rink and immediately disqualified both the Soviet Union, who had already been eliminated from medal contention, and Canada, who were well on their way to clinching at least a silver medal and might have even claimed the tournament title if they had won this game by a large enough margin. The U.S.S.R. were losing 4-2 to the Canadians in the second period when the original flashpoint fight broke out and would be accused of pointedly looking for any excuse to instantly escalate any sort of confrontation in the hopes that both countries would be promptly kicked out of the tournament — which is, of course, exactly what happened. Some have theorized that the so-called Piestany Punch-Up was actually some sort of Russian-style payback for the savage slash that Philadelphia Flyers center Bobby Clarke bestowed upon Soviet star Valery Kharlamov’s ankle in Game Six of the 1972 Summit Series, a tragic development which is often cited as being the pivotal turning point of that most historic event. Others say it was actually long-awaited retaliation for the time that Flyers defenseman Ed van Impe viciously blindsided an unsuspecting Kharlamov during Philadelphia’s legendary exhibition game against touring CSKA Moscow at the Spectrum in 1976, a memorable incident which the visitors felt at that time was an obvious attempt to derail the Soviet ice hockey train from repeating as gold medalists at the upcoming XII Winter Olympic Games that would be staged in Innsbruck, Austria … (photo courtesy The Sports Network screenshot)


der Eishockeyzuschauer

Hockey Analyst

Allentown, PA


Note To Kram :
Please forward this to the Noise Nation’s founder and president as it shall serve as my formal letter of resignation.
I’m not quite sure exactly what makes it so hard for anybody–save perhaps Tony Androckitis of the “Highland Park Hockey” blog site–to state in public that lingering issue casualty Taylor Leier most likely has a concussion but, then again, I care less and less with each and every passing day.  What is quite readily apparent is that grassroots “tell-it-like-it-is” journalism which relies on both critical analysis and thoughtful conclusion is definitely unwanted in this modern era of participation trophies for all.  Furthermore, the short attention span (if not the reading comprehension skills) of today’s internet culture clearly demands an endless array of cheerleader and/or puff pieces that are preferably condensed to 140 characters/spaces, if that much at all.
I’ve been told I need to take a vacation (if not be outright “fired”, that is).  I’ve also been informed that life is entirely too short.  As well as astutely advised that the proper course of action would be to travel the happiest place on Earth and eat pretzels in the sun with Mickey and Minnie all day long — hey, that sounds like the proverbial offer I can not refuse and much more fun than a heroic socialist worker like me could ever possibly hope to be entitled to.
With all this in prominently in mind, I must abruptly say, “Tschuess!”

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  1. Have a great spring/summer, colonel. Great job all season! 🙂

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