Reading Fightins Promotional Schedule–First Look

First Energy in Reading, as seen from the boardwalk in left field on an overcast "Futures" day. Photo: Kram

First Energy in Reading, as seen from the boardwalk in left field on an overcast “Futures” day. Photo: Kram


Baseball is coming, and coming quickly.  Thank goodness, right?

Here’s a quick look at the preliminary promotional schedule for “that team” down in Reading.  I’ve reconciled myself with the new name, finally, but that doesn’t make it right.  As you recall, I did re-new my package in Reading despite more significant overlap with the IronPigs for this season.  I just had too much fun down there last year and I love my seats in the second row.  If anyone wants mine on the days when the ‘Pigs are home, just let me know.

Below, I’ll attempt to post both a .pdf version as well as a photo version.  Printing will be difficult for both:  the .jpg will print too large and the .pdf too small to humanly read.

Here are some highlights, as I see them:

  • Opening day long-sleeve T-Shirt is a good one.  We get plenty of Ts–but a few long-sleeve variety are handy to have and excellent for layering during those early-season chilly games.
  • Second night Nola golden bobble might be just enough to draw me away from the Phantoms game if the weather is nice and the playoffs have been locked up (or eliminated).
  • There are plenty of fireworks.  I’m starting to think the Mega Blast versions are “tied” for the largest ever, you know?  I’ve never stayed for Reading fireworks; perhaps I will one time this season.
  • The Fightins do an excellent job with promos for the kiddos.  Mine are too old now, but for those with younger kids you can’t beat some of the stuff they have planned–just about every Sunday game, and more.
  • For those who collect baseball cards and such, there are a fair few card nights–current and throwback.
  • The Brett Meyers throwback bobblehead on HoF night in August has already been circled on my calendar.

These things are always subject to change, and I’m sure some things could be added.  But here we go:

2017 Fightins Promo Schedule



See you at the park(s)


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