IronPigs 10th Anniversary Team: Starting Pitcher (RHP)

Tyler Cloyd Photo (c) Cheryl Pursell

Tyler Cloyd
Photo (c) Cheryl Pursell


Sorry for the late endorsement–but I just didn’t feel strongly about this one.  Each of the candidates has a flaw of some type and it made my vote and endorsement difficult.  And it feels like somebody might be missing.  Nola?  Wasn’t here long enough?

Starting pitchers are somewhat unique in baseball because it’s the only player you identify with the day’s game.

“What’s the promo tonight?”

“How’s the weather look?”

“Who’s pitching?”

You never ask who’s playing shortstop.

So that’s the standard.  Which player do would I feel best about at 2PM on gameday when I’m trying to convince someone to go to the game?

Drew Carpenter:  He had a nice run for a team that wasn’t so hot.  However, I don’t remember that he made any significant contribution to the Phillies and it never seemed like he was happy here.  I remember somebody telling me that he wouldn’t come out of the bathroom on Media Day because he was avoiding interviews.

David Buchanan:  We like “Buck” around here, and like Carpenter he had a good run.  However, injuries and inconsistencies along with some less-than-favorable performances for the Phillies drag him down.

Tyler Cloyd:  We like Tyler plenty, too!  That opening-day no-no bid is a top memory over the past 9 seasons.  That season, the confidence level was high–but like Buck, it didn’t translate to the next level and when the “cutter didn’t cut” is wasn’t always pretty in AAA either.

Jake Thompson:  The young bulldog was downright dominant last season.  Other than one early start, he was as reliable as any RHP we’ve had, including Nola for his short time here.  He got his feet wet on the big stage in September and he’ll certainly be back in The Show at some point in 2017.  I know some of this is based on potential–and as Decal rightly points out, at the conclusion of the 10th season perhaps the vote would go differently.  But for now, Jake Thompson gets the NosieNation endorsement for the 10th anniversary team because at 2PM I feel really confident that we’ll win that night if Jake’s on the mound.



See you at the park,


Cover photo by Cheryl Pursell

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