Allentown All Star Today: Sunday Skills

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Welcome to Allentown!  Hockey fans from all over the AHL are welcome to our fair city for the All Star Festivities.   I wrote a whole guide for you–check it out if you wish.  Here’s what you can expect today:

Looking Back

Yesterday was the “Phan Fest” during the afternoon, followed by the “Tailgate Party” in the evening.  Both appeared to be well-attended and received.  Kids and adults together had a fun time playing games and exploring the arena during the phan fest:

phan fest

I stayed downtown to grab some eats and beverages in advance of the “tailgate.”  More on that later.  The beer tasting was well attended as well, as adults toured the concourses and the club to sample brews from all over.



The glass is down on the sides and the arena is ready for the hockey players.  Here’s what you need to know:

Pucks Drop:  7:30PM

Doors:  6:00PM

Tickets:  Good seats are still available at, as well as on the secondary market.

Parking:  Yesterday’s events did not use “event parking” for whatever reason–we paid by the normal hourly rates for downtown Allentown on non-event times.  Tonight I expect normal “event” procedures with $6 parking.  Bring cash in case their credit card processing is down.  I you arrive too early you may still fall under the hourly.  Note that while Sunday is usually “free meters” day, I wouldn’t be so sure today; use caution if trying that.

Broadcast:  Even if you’re in town, you still might want to tap into some of the broadcasts.  For video, today’s events can be viewed for free on RIGHT HERE.  That link will also list the variety of networks across the country and Canada where the events can be viewed.  Locally, tune in to Service Electric TV-2.

On the radio, you can listen locally on AM-790, or nationally via Sirius/XM NHL Network.

In the arena, you may be able to listen live via FM-89.9 and follow along on the Phantoms365 App.

Download the Phantoms365 app to follow along for all the All Star happenings as they’re converting it to “All Star App” for the weekend!

PreGame:  Check out some of the restaurants and bars downtown for something to eat and drink before the hockey today.  There’s a full run-down in my All Star FAQ.  Some of them may even be open extra on this Sunday to accommodate visitors–Bell Hall is an example, usually closed Sundays but open today!

Yesterday I killed the time between events first at Bell Hall and then at grain.  Had good food and service at both bars.  I also came up with the crazy idea to try to drink a beer from each of the 30 AHL cities this weekend.  It’s a tall order, I know, but remember with the beer tasting it’s not like I’m drinking a full beer.  I’ll keep you apprised of my progress.

PostGame:  Stick around after tonight’s event for some autographs and photos up close and personal with the players as you can approach the ice.  Afterwards, skills night is known as the “party night” so go out and have some fun.  But, be careful out there.


Lineups and Events:

Event 1 – Sher-Wood Puck Control Relay
Race #1
Spencer Abbott (RFD) Nicklas Jensen (HFD)
Matej Stransky (TEX) Mackenzie Weegar (SPR)
Matt Lorito (GR) Travis Boyd (HER)
Winning team earns one goal: 
Race #2
Alexandre Carrier (MIL) Danton Heinen (PRO)
Mark Jankowski (STK) Cole Schneider (RCH)
Oliver Bjorkstrand (CLE) Cory Conacher (SYR)
Winning team earns one goal:
Race #3
Jordan Oesterle (BAK) Taylor Leier (LV)
Winning player earns one goal for team:
Race #4
Brandon Montour (SD) Jordan Weal (LV)
Winning player earns one goal for team:
Event 2 – CCM Fastest Skater
Jack Roslovic (MB) Justin Bailey (RCH)
Jonny Brodzinski (ONT) Devon Toews (BRI)
Daniel O’Regan (SJ) Yanni Gourde (SYR)
AHL player with fastest time earns one goal for team:
Fastest team average time earns one goal: 
Event 3 – AHL Live Rapid Fire
Round #1
Troy Grosenick (SJ) Alexandre Grenier (UTI)
Kerby Rychel (TOR)
Round #2
Ryan Craig (CLE) Linus Ullmark (RCH)
Vincent LoVerde (ONT)
Round #3
Jack Campbell (ONT) Chris Bourque (HER)
Matt Taormina (SYR)
Round #4
Robbie Russo (GR) Charlie Lindgren (STJ)
Kenny Agostino (CHI)
Round #5
Anton Forsberg (CLE) Justin Bailey (RCH)
Chris Terry (STJ)
Round #6
Vince Dunn (CHI) Zane McIntyre (PRO)
Alex Tuch (IA)
Round #7
Michael Leighton (RFD) T.J. Brennan (LV)
Taylor Leier (LV)
Round #8
Oliver Bjorkstrand (CLE) Tristan Jarry (WBS)
Christian Fischer (TUC)
Team with the most total saves earns one goal:
Event 4 – CCM Hardest Shot
A.J. Greer (SA) Casey Bailey (BNG)
Vincent LoVerde (ONT) David Warsofsky (WBS)
Robbie Russo (GR) Jordan Subban (UTI)
Kyle Wood (TUC) Kerby Rychel (TOR)
Team with the higher average speed earns one goal:
Player with hardest shot earns one goal for team: 
Event 5 – Giant Food Stores/Velaspan Accuracy Shooting
Ryan Craig (CLE) Travis Boyd (HER)
Alex Tuch (IA) Cole Schneider (RCH)
Christian Fischer (TUC) Matt Taormina (SYR)
Kenny Agostino (CHI) T.J. Brennan (LV)
AHL player with most hits in fewest attempts earns one goal for team:
Team with most total hits in fewest attempts earns one goal:
Event 6 – Giant Food Stores/Velaspan Pass and Score
Round #1
Mark Jankowski (STK) Linus Ullmark (RCH)
A.J. Greer (SA)
Brandon Montour (SD)
Round #2
Troy Grosenick (SJ) Danton Heinen (PRO)
Nicklas Jensen (HFD)
Mackenzie Weegar (SPR)
Round #3
Alexandre Carrier (MIL) Charlie Lindgren (STJ)
Jack Roslovic (MB)
Daniel O’Regan (SJ)
Round #4
Jack Campbell (ONT) Cory Conacher (SYR)
Yanni Gourde (SYR)
Devon Toews (BRI)
Round #5
Jonny Brodzinski (SJ) Zane McIntyre (PRO)
Matej Stransky (TEX)
Jordan Oesterle (BAK)
Round #6
Anton Forsberg (CLE) Chris Terry (STJ)
Alexandre Grenier (UTI)
Jordan Subban (UTI)
Round #7
Vince Dunn (CHI) Tristan Jarry (WBS)
Spencer Abbott (RFD)
Matt Lorito (GR)
Round #8
Michael Leighton (CHA) Jordan Weal (LV)
Chris Bourque (HER)
David Warsofsky (WBS)
Each individual goal scored counts toward overall team score:
Event 7 – ExteNet Breakaway Relay
Round #1 Round #2
Alex Tuch (IA) Casey Bailey (BNG)
Robbie Russo (GR) Kerby Rychel (TOR)
Kyle Wood (TUC) Cole Schneider (RCH)
Vincent LoVerde (ONT) Travis Boyd (HER)
Christian Fischer (TUC) David Warsofsky (WBS)
   vs. Linus Ullmark (RCH)    vs. Troy Grosenick (SJ)
Round #3 Round #4
Jack Roslovic (MB) Justin Bailey (RCH)
Alexandre Carrier (MIL) Matt Taormina (SYR)
Matej Stransky (TEX) Alexandre Grenier (UTI)
Jonny Brodzinski (ONT) Devon Toews (BRI)
A.J. Greer (SA) Mackenzie Weegar (SPR)
   vs. Charlie Lindgren (STJ)    vs. Jack Campbell (ONT)
Round #5 Round #6
Mark Jankowski (STK) Yanni Gourde (SYR)
Vince Dunn (CHI) Chris Terry (STJ)
Daniel O’Regan (SJ) Jordan Subban (UTI)
Jordan Oesterle (BAK) Nicklas Jensen (HFD)
Ryan Craig (CLE) T.J. Brennan (LV)
   vs. Zane McIntyre (PRO)    vs. Anton Forsberg (CLE)
Round #7 Round #8
Spencer Abbott (RFD) Taylor Leier (LV)
Brandon Montour (SD) Danton Heinen (PRO)
Matt Lorito (GR) Cory Conacher (SYR)
Kenny Agostino (CHI) Chris Bourque (HER)
Oliver Bjorkstrand (CLE) Jordan Weal (LV)
   vs. Tristan Jarry (WBS)    vs. Michael Leighton (CHA)
Each individual goal scored counts toward the overall team score:



Have fun, and I’ll

See you at the arena,


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