IronPigs 10th Anniversary Team: Utility

Photo: Steven Kiebach

Photo: Steven Kiebach

Utility Player–NoiseNation Endorsement

What does it say about a player when you can hear a song on the radio and immediately know who’s up to bat?  We’ll get back to that in a minute.  The fact is, all four of these guys hold an important place in IronPigs history at this juncture, and choosing is very difficult.  All of these guys can play on my team any time.


Russ Canzler:  He came to us mid-season one year and we really benefited from his veteran leadership and Evenflow at the time.  Always a stand-up guy, he had time for fans and press alike.  He beat us for years playing with other teams and it was good to have him on board.  Alas, he didn’t last long enough or have any Phillies credentials to beat out the other three guys on this list.  Still one of my favorites, though.

Tyler Henson:  I don’t even have to hear the lyrics.  That opening vocal harmony of Fat Bottomed Girls will always mean Tyler is coming to the plate.  I remember tailgating once, didn’t get into the park in time, and the stadium sounds were but a rumble in the background as we listened to the first inning on the radio.  Then, “Ohhhhhhh…” the opening cut through the traffic noise, radio play-by-play and immediately signaled who was up….

Another time, in Scranton they played it for him on the road.  Did they think they were being funny?  Did he have a mole in the ops booth?  I don’t know, but it was cool to hear one of our players have their music played in an away park.  Oh, and he hit a home run that time up.

Tyler was also involved with the community, with fans, and always had time for an interview in the dugout before a game.  We even had lunch together one time.  Another “all-timer” who’s getting squeezed out over here–he belongs on this team, just not in this spot.

Mike Cervenak certainly moved in Myserious Ways.  I know the ladies loved him, but the cold, hard truth is that he and Andy Tracy were about the only reason to come to the park in those early years.  He got a World Series ring from the Phillies and I own a jersey with his name on it.  An All-Time IronPig but again, narrowly misses.

Kevin Frandsen.  Hey Oh we have our winner.  Kevin was a leader on and off the field, then went up to the Phillies and did the same.  The Californian’s charity foundation was always very important to him.  And I have a jersey with his name on it too.  Kevin Frandsen should have been the winner at second base, with Tyler Henson in this spot, but given the choices Franny gets the nod for the NoiseNation endorsement for Tenth Annivarsary Utility Player.



See you at the park,


Cover image by Cheryl Pursell

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