IronPigs 10th Anniversary Team: Right Field

Susdorf Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Susdorf Photo: Cheryl Pursell


Before we get down to the vote and the Noise Nation endorsement, let’s review the IronPigs 10th Anniversary Team so far:



Mayberry was the big name in the corner during a couple of the early years.  He made it to the Phillies for a couple tours, but never truly excelled in either place.  His tall, lanky frame often made it seem like he wasn’t hustling–especially in the outfield.

Dom Brown remains an enigma–even to this day.  The fact is, he was tremendous for periods of time with the IronPigs and was always cordial and available for NoiseNation correspondents covering the games.  You can bet we’re not the ones who where booing him last season when he visited as a Buffalo Bison.  He gets serious consideration here, but just like in his IronPigs and Phillies career–doesn’t quite make it.

Jon Knott was a fixture on the 2008 inaugural squad, and a name that often appeared in the game reports on the rare occasions that the team won a game.

Steve Susdorf gets our endorsement.  He spent a significant amount of time with the team, made it to the Phillies for a short time, and participated in all manner of community and team-related activities.  His work in the film room and at the plate is legendary.  He was always available for media and fans–indeed he’s the only player that ever approached me just to say ‘hello’ while I was covering the game beforehand in the dugout.  His charitable and mission work is a model for all of us.



Cover photo:  NoiseNation File Photo 

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  1. Did we forget Michael Taylor ?? The first Pig to get the Cycle ??

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