IronPigs 10th Anniversary Team: First Base

NoiseNation File Photo (Decal?)

NoiseNation File Photo (Decal?)


I’m not sure why this vote is even close.  For about three seasons he was one of the only reasons to go to the park.  He has a World Series ring.  He’s the home run leader.  He was a leader on and off the field.  The NoiseNation endorsement for 1B goes to Andy Tracy:


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  1. THIS should be unanimous! … A true minor league legend of epic proportions. The greatest hero in Lehigh Valley IronPigs history by a country mile. Back during those dark ages of 2008, I justified spending the six bucks for the GA ticket by reminding myself it was a real steal to be able to watch Andy Tracy come to the plate four times and hustle his ass after foul balls that were obviously going to be out of play (so as to set a good example for the younger players, of course) for that price … This photo that appears at the top of this article should be used to make a big bronze statue that should be placed outside that main entrance to the Park in the outfield.

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