SteelHawks Ready For 2017 Campaign: Schedule Released

Jimmy T!  Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Jimmy T! Photo: Cheryl Pursell

The SteelHawks have been hard at work behind the scenes, readying the roster for the 2017 campaign and the formation of the new National Arena League (NAL).  This will be the ‘Hawks third season inside the PPL Center in Allentown after spending their first few seasons over in Bethlehem at Stabler.

We’ll have a full report on the roster going forward, but rest assured, key offensive positions (QB, WR) and defensive positions (LB/DL) have already been filled.

Mark your calendars for the following dates:

3/19 Sunday, 4PM vs. Dayton

4/9 Sunday, 5PM vs. Columbus (go after the IronPigs game at 1:35!)

4/15 Saturday, 7PM vs Georgia

4/29 Saturday, 7PM vs. Corpus Christi

5/6 Saturday, 7PM vs. Dayton

6/3 Saturday, 7PM vs High Country

The Away schedule is as follows:

3/25 at High Country

4/1 at Jacksonville

5/20 at High Country

5/29 at Dayton

6/10 at Georgia

6/19 at Dayton

Impression:  My first impression is that the schedule which doesn’t go heat-to-head with the IronPigs at all is a very good one.  A bye week and a couple games on the road at a time take the team out of the minds of the fans a bit, but that’s hard to prevent–the constant back and forth can be just as troubling for the team.  As the closest opponent, Dayton will be our rival here it seems–we play them four times out of 12–as they will be one third of our season!

The graphic below shows how the season takes shape:


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