IronPigs: More On Big Screens; Media Conference and Kurt Landes Interview


Back in 1994 I bought a brand new TV.  It was a Toshiba 32-inch “ultra flat” or something–similar to the picture above.  It was “top of the line” at the time, and I paid a lot of money for it.  It worked great, too.  We moved it from two apartments and then into our house, where it sat in the family room for many years.

At first, it was our main TV, but then as technology improved, it became the “kids” TV.  Then it was for certain video games only.  Then, finally, “why doesn’t this thing turn on any more?”

At that point, it was time to take it to recycling (I paid to have it recycled) and upgrade the display in our family room.  Certainly, the new 55-inch Vizio panel that now sits above the fireplace is an improvement.  But that old TV was still working for a time, and we got 20 years out of it!

The news dropped yesterday that the IronPigs are replacing their “TV.”  It was time.  Going into their 10th season, the technology had improved and the old display was blowing pixels and lacked the brightness and resolution (not to mention size) to support the entertainment quality the IronPigs organization had become known for over the years.

Over the past couple years, with the “Smell the Steaks” and “Raise the Bacon” campaigns, I was always looking for a clue that it might be an announcement about a new big screen.  It never came.  Even with the news that there would be a “Major Announcement” yesterday, I was afraid to get my hopes up.  More food on uniforms?  So I drove past the stadium Wednesday prior to the hockey game to try to see if I could spot any work starting on the scoreboard.  I didn’t.  But it turns out, this was the one I was waiting for.  We’ve been writing about it for some time and I know many of my fellow fans share my feelings.  It was time.

So here we are.  New big board for 2017.  And like a lot of things, the IronPigs don’t go half way–they go all the way.  So we’ll have side boards, a new monster ribbon, new fascia ribbons, and a new advertising board behind home plate.  And, they’ll all be integrated, giving the stadium a real ‘big league’ feel.  Ops and stadium video capabilities will all be upgraded to control the presentation.

Two videos below, from yesterday.  First, my interview with IronPigs GM and President Kurt Landes, which took place after the media conference.  I think you’ll find it more interesting than any of the other outlets, despite having to look at my ugly mug and put up with my unprofessional silliness.  My agenda for the interview was:  Joke about weather, big screens, replays, other details, World Series, stadium infrastructure, concourse liquor and wine, staff turnover.

The second video is of the entire media presentation.


Media Conference:

Thank you to Cheryl Pursell for video, audio, and post-production above–as well as supply of equipment.  Thanks to Kurt for putting up with us and “answering the hard questions.”   Finally, thanks to the ownership group, Craig Stein and Joe Finley for re-investing in this team.


See you at the park,


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