Phantoms Market Watch: Ed Snider Throwback Jerseys


The eBay auctions for these beauties concluded last night.  Let’s take a look at where the market is for authentic, game-worn, non-autographed sweaters in Phantom-land these days:

(Disclaimer:  We’ve been through this before.  Yes, it’s a lot of money.  Yes, it’s ridiculous.  Yes, the team should sell authentic jerseys in the store.  Yes, we should be talking about how the team only got 2 of 6 points over the weekend and is now in last place.  Yes, some of the bidding appeared kind of shady.  No, it probably wasn’t.  No, you’ll never be able to re-sell at these prices.  Yes, they’re cool to wear to the games. Yes, you could get an authentic Flyers shirt for less.  Yes, it’s a free country.  Yes “For Now.”  Yes, the market is cooling off for these items.  Yes, the money went to the Snider foundation, which is cool for a change.)

(high and low in bold; prices from eBay completed–not all available)

meLVin:  $300

Carey: $480

Conner: $417.22

Morin: $610.55

Fazleev: $410

O’Neill: $415

Goulbourne: $461

Sanheim: $650.55

Hagg: $430

Stolarz: $467

Knight: $475

Leier: $463.23

Weal: $466.00

Lyon: $429

Willcox: $405

Martel: $510

Zengerle: $430

McDonald (C): $535

Miele (A):  $455



It seems like the market price is about $100 less than the 20th anniversary sweaters from last Spring, on average.  They started the bidding at $300 for each, which was up from the $200 or $250 of auctions past–perhaps sensing that the market would be down somewhat and wanting to assure a minimum price.  The higher start point could discourage some from getting involved, though.  The total take for the Snider Hockey Foundation was $8809.55, plus the missing items and less whatever amount–if any–the Phantoms took out for the production of the jerseys.  The pick up option to save on the shipping was a nice touch this time.

I continue to be fascinated by jerseys and such–and not just Phantoms.  At some point, I will  have a jersey retrospective for the Phantoms, but I proceed to find more rare jerseys and it never seems complete enough.  These were significant for the black major color, the All Star patch, and the Snider Hockey patch–as well as the standard Capital Blue Cross sponsor patch.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled talk about hockey….

See you at the arena,



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2 replies

  1. It’s what any professional television producer would do when the game is already way out of hand and the third quarter has only just begun — tell the cameramen to seek out the “human interest” stories and be quick about it.

    The good news here is, when all else fails, we can always retreat to the impenetrable bastion of “player development”, can’t we?



  1. HOCKEY NIGHT IN ALLENTOWN: “Six Outta Ten Ain’t Bad” 11/5/2016

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