Phantoms Update: “Hockey Is Expensive”

The Phantoms head to Bridgeport tonight for a tougher test than they got last night at the XL Center in Hartford.  The talented crew from 7th and Hamilton took it right to the Wolfpack, who had beaten them in OT last Saturday at the PPL Center, and won 5-1 going away.  Goals were scored by Martel, Weal, Carey (2), and Brennan.  Weal, Brennan and Carey were the three stars.

Stolarz in goal faced 33 shots and turned away 32 of them–the only goal on a breakaway beat him high glove.



Now on to Bridgeport–a bigger more disciplined team than Hartford, if what we saw last weekend was any indications.  The Phantoms will be well served to jump out in front again like they did last night.  The Sound Tigers seem like a team that will counter-punch a ton, but may not be as dynamic offensively as the Phantoms and may have difficulty coming back once down.  Lyon should be in goal tonight.

ICYMI:  Leier re-joined the team prior to the trip, and is sporting the ‘A’ on the black sweater, I’ve heard.


The Hartford game got me thinking about last Saturday, and my experience at the game.  I flew solo that night, as the kiddos were into other stuff, Mrs. Kram had just been to the game Friday night, DiPro and Ziggy were busy–just wasn’t working out.  I don’t mind going by myself, really.  There are so many folks around the arena to talk to and there are some nice folks who sit in my section as well.  I can go and have a good time and only use one of my tickets.

As I left last Saturday, I noticed that I had exactly $50 in my pocket.  Sometimes hockey nights are more expensive–especially if I find myself at one of the nicer restaurants prior to the game or with Junior and his penchant for multiple orders of Chickie’s lobster tails.  But alone, I thought $50 was going to be enough, right?

Parking:  $6

There are ways to save money on parking.  Carpool, get a ride, walk from great distances–but on a solo night I just parked close by and paid the 6.  I now have $44.

Cheese Steak:  $10

16oz Miller: $6.50

Tip: $1.00

I should have had a sandwich before I left.  And, arena cheese steaks are nothing to brag about.  But, alas, I didn’t get hungry until I got down there, and just felt like one.  The arena staff who served me were courteous and professional and the young gentleman who made the sandwich took his time and took pride to make it the best he could.  The roll was fresh and fortitudinous enough to hold the “everything” steak.  I now have $26.50.  The game is still an hour away.

12oz Heineken bottle:  $8.00

Tip: $1.00

Not eating beforehand was a small mistake.  This one was maybe a little bigger.  For $9 I could have had a 24oz Miller or Lager.  And, that 12oz beer went down quickly.  But, I like visiting the Miller Lite Loft and saying ‘hello’ to Dawn and her assistant, and catching up on my social media feeds before the game–watching warm-ups, etc.  I now have $17.50

24oz Labatt’s Blue Light (Flyers Can):  $11.00

Tip:  $1.00

I know, this is my third beer.  But keep in mind, the game still hasn’t started yet, and I’d normally have a drink with dinner anyway.  I could have saved a couple bucks by drinking Miller instead.  I now have $5.50 in my pocket.

If you add in the cost of my tickets, roughly $42.00, my evening alone up town cost me $86.50.  Obviously I made some mistakes along the way–not eating beforehand, buying expensive beers, maybe tipping too much–but that’s still pretty pricey for a solo night out.  I know no one forced me to make those choices, either.  However, I can usually get out of baseball for well under $40 if it’s me and Junior.  Alone, usually less than $20.

So if you’re one of those lucky folks who doesn’t have to pay for a ticket.  Doesn’t have to pay to park.  Gets food for free.  Count your blessings–some of us pay dearly for that stuff.  And, we don’t complain if there’s overtime.


See you at the arena,


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  1. Bridgeport Sound Tigers should provide Phantoms a good test tonight — Sound Tigers, without question a “defense-first” type of team, did very well to consistently get plenty of men behind the puck and clog passing lanes as well as play physical style which included diligently finishing checks at the PPL Center last week … Bridgeport figure to have three defensemen in line-up tonight (Mayfield, Pelech and Landry) who all weigh 214 pounds or more so it will be interesting to hear how the smaller Lehigh Valley forwards cope with them this time around.

  2. It is also interesting to note that Phantoms radio broadcaster Bob Rotruck commented late in the third period last night that rookie defenseman Reece Wilcox simply did not get very much ice time at all in the convincing triumph over the Wolf Pack … should be interesting to hear if Lehigh Valley essentially use only five defensemen again tonight.

    • Yeah but he’s still in there over Lamarche at least. We can make assumptions as to who sits if AMac comes down or Alt gets healthy.

      • Wilcox is a Flyers draft pick and Lamarche is not — it really is that simple … Phantoms getting thoroughly outshot 12-2 and trail Sound Tigers 2-0 sixteen minutes into first period tonight. Bridgeport has two power play goals — Morin & Wilcox were on the ice for the first goal conceded and Morin & Hagg were on the ice for the second goal allowed.

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