Gostisbehere Bobblehead, And Other Goodies From Phantom-Land

Photo: Kram

Photo: Kram


A couple of really nice nuggets of news today.  A post-er over in the Phantoms STH FB page noticed an odd addition to the ticket books for this sesason:  A coupon for our STH Gift.  And that gift this season is to be a Ghost bobble!

Look, I don’t usually get too carried away with giveaways and the like, but I think that promotions can be a useful way to drive attendance for the more casual fans.  In this case, as a STH gift, I feel like they’ve done really well.  I have a ton of T-Shirts, Pint Glasses, Coffee Mugs and other tchotchkes.  A special additional bobble?  Yes please.  Kudos to the Phantoms for coming up with something unique and special for the gift.  Can you still get in on this?  I have no idea; call the ticket sales office and ask if you can sign on as a full season ticket holder forthwith!

Downside?  Well, first, they’re going to have to maintain this standard, now, for next season and beyond, right?  I don’t think I’m going to want a coffee mug next season after receiving a bobble of one of the best players we’ve seen on the ice at the PPL Center.  Second, the black market.  Folks are already offering to buy excess coupons–just wait until it gets closer to pick-up time (TBA) and we’ll start seeing all manner of coupons and bobbles popping up on eBay.  If you’re one who purchases season tickets with the notion that you’ll be able to re-coup some of the cash by selling off excess tickets and giveaways, you might hit the jack-pot with this one.

On The Ice

It’s not all about trinkets and goodies, though, right?  Another losing season and eight straight without playoffs isn’t worth a whole Zamboni full of bobblehead dolls.

At noon today, 24-year old forward and centerman Jordan Weal cleared waivers and may soon be sent on loan to the Phantoms.  He’s been in the AHL for parts of 5 seasons and averages almost a point per game.  He’s also not quite a veteran or “tweener” according to the “Rosehill Rule.”   He can now move between the Flyers and Phantoms as needed this season.  Thought now is they’re holding him for a time in order to straighten out all the IR, suspension, and cap issues.

As I write, I’m awaiting analysis from der Eishockeyzuschauer regarding how the lines might stack up if (when) Weal arrives.  Internet comment-makers are quick to point out that while the Phantoms will be featuring one of the deepest, most skilled set of forwards anywhere in the AHL, they also lack size.  With new rules against fighting, plenty of goals in the back of the net, and Goulbourne more than willing to get reacquainted with that aspect of his game if it’s really called for–I think we’ll be fine.  A checking line with Gillz–Knight–McDonald?  Yeah, that might work.  I’ll wait and see what d.E. comes up with.


See you at the arena,



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  1. Notes To Kram :

    # 1 – Actually, the rule is that once any given player has passed through the NHL waiver wire, he is free to move back and forth to/from the AHL for a period of 30 days but, after that, the same given player would have to be exposed to waivers for another transaction, thus gaining another 30 days of free movement.

    # 2 – The loyal patronage at the PPL Center was outright robbed of the opportunity to see the real Shayne Gostisbehere shake and bake for the Lehigh Valley Phantoms like he could (and would with the Philadelphia Flyers) because Ghost was too busy “developing” his defensive skills.

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