Success For The Phantoms… [POLL]

Should we start to get familiar with this?

Should we start to get familiar with this?


Looking back, I feel like the 2016 IronPigs season was a success.  We had a winning team, lead the division at times, and made the playoffs.  It’s not like half the teams make it in baseball, either.  Sure, I wasn’t happy losing in the playoffs–and certainly not by getting swept by Scranton–but overall, a successful campaign.

So what do I need from the Phantoms this season?  Is winning a few games enough?  Is simply making the playoffs for the first time in 8 years enough?  In Wilkes-Barre and Hershey they strive for Calder every season, and anything less is considered a failure.  In a newspaper piece from last season, failure to win the cup is sighted as a major reason why the Baby Penguins have suffered at the attendance gate.  Should we settle for anything less–even in light of our recent futility?

Please vote below.  I’m looking for real answers from the fan base, so I’ve tightened the multiple votes restrictions a bit.  Add further feedback in the comments:


Thanks for voting, see you at the arena,


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  1. “Player development and a couple of exciting games would be enough for me. I’m not worried about results” — Gee, only a couple out of the 38 regular season AHL games that will be contested at the spectacular PPL Center in downtown Allentown this season would need to be exciting? Wow, what extremely low standards to set. Who wrote this particular option for the poll, former IronPigs pitcher Chad Billingsley???

    • Yes indeed! the Billingsly comment will live on for eternity! Not just because he said it, but because he doubled down and said it again the very next game he played.

      BTW, nothing bad on Chad–he helped out with a baseball camp our buddy Steve was involved with and was an extremely nice dude. Nice. Just not concerned with the results. 😉

      • I have every confidence that Mr. Billingsley is a truly wonderful person, outstanding citizen and all-around great guy — it’s just that the dude seems to be sans even an ounce of “go, fight, win”.

        We’ve had this discussion 10,000 times. It is NOT a light-switch that can be turned on and off at will. If AAA hitters whack you all over the Park, then the Major League hitters are going to salivate when you come to The Show, if ever. Even more importantly, if you can’t do well here in the AHL — then good luck having success in what always been considered to be the very best league on the entire planet.

        Bottom line — the Mecca Of Minor League Sports matters!


  1. Hockey Eve In Allentown

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