Phantoms Hockey: Time To Update Your Calendar

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Baseball is over and it’s time to update the calendar.

I got mine out yesterday–you know the one, the IronPigs wall calendar with all the gorgeous Cheryl Pursell photos in it.

I went through with a Sharpie and put in all of the important dates for the upcoming Phantoms season.  Sure, all that stuff is already in my Google Calendar, but the wall calendar sits above my desk in my business office and reminds me of when the next games are.  You’ve likely got the dates on your calendar too, but I thought I’d remind you just in case:

Wednesday, September 21:  Phan Nation- Fan Club Meeting.  The September meeting will be held inside Chickie’s and Pete’s at 7PM.  Now is a great time to join if you haven’t already.  This meeting will unveil the new Phan Club Logo (designed and approved by the team), the new website, and begin the planning for other events throughout the season.  The Phan Club is run by some fine folks and has the blessing of the organization.  I’d encourage you to get involved if you’re at all interested in becoming more intimately involved with the team and organization.  I’ve also heard good things about the 2016-17 club T-Shirt.

Wednesday, September 28:  Flyers vs. Devils at the PPL Center 7:05PM.  Seats still remain for this contest–a full-on pre-season NHL game unlike the glorified scrimmage of our first year and the split-squad exhibition last season.  Tickets are pricey, but it is close enough to selling out that I’d encourage you to lock down some seats now if you’re so inclined.

Saturday, October 1:  “Training Camp Event”  Hockey players will have been assigned to the Phantoms, and Season Ticket Holders and Plan Members will be invited to the Morning Call Club inside the PPL Center to watch practice at 10:30AM, followed by a Q&A session with the coaches and out onto the concourse for an autograph session with players.  Admission is free, and this is a significant and unique perk for season ticket members.  Tickets are loaded into your online account already.  If you’re interested in season tickets, please contact the team.  My rep has informed me that some nice seats have become available–including some in my neighborhood.

Friday, October 7  and…

Saturday, October 8  Pre-Season Hockey:  Charlotte Checkers at Lehigh Valley Phantoms 7:05PM each night.  Single-game tickets and good seats are still available for these two games–at a much more reasonable price than the NHL game!  They are included in your full season ticket package, and likely one or the other in your partial plan.  I’d guess we’ll receive the tickets via email as the games approach.  It is a unique opportunity to get a peak at our new squad, as well as a team from the Western Conference, which we almost never see.

Saturday, October 15  Home Opener!  7:05PM Puck Drop versus Springfield Thunderbirds.  Single game tickets haven’t gone on sale yet, as far as I can tell, but this game will mark the start of our third season of AHL hockey in downtown Allentown!  This is also opening night for Symphony Hall with saxophonist Branford Marsalis, so that may cause some increase in traffic and parking woes near the 6th/Linden intersection, and nearby restaurants.  Plan your evening accordingly.

Saturday, January 28 and…

Sunday, January 29 and…

Monday, January 30, 2017:  AHL All-Star Festivities.  Contact the Phantoms directly if you’re interested in purchasing packages or tickets for these events.  They are not available through the PPL Center website at this time, and may be limited.  Downtown will be hopping with the influx of teams, dignitaries and fans from the other AHL cities!


So there it is.  You can download the entire season schedule from the Phantoms site if you wish and integrate it with your digital calendar.

NoiseNation coverage of the Lehigh Valley Phantoms should be similar this season, with “Hockey Night” posts to prepare you on game days, guest contributions to discuss the hockey on the ice, and perhaps a couple surprise feature pieces including the long awaited jersey retrospective.  Stay tuned!


See you at the arena,






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4 replies

  1. It should be noted that the first game of the best-of-three final for the phony baloney World Cup of Hockey junk tournament is scheduled for September 27th.

    It’s hard to say for sure what teams will progress to the WCH final series but host nation Canada is never a bad bet in a tournament played on NHL-sized rinks. And neither is the United States nowadays, either. The bottom line is that both the Philadelphia Flyers and New Jersey Devils would both be affected such a match-up between Canada and the US.

    The Flyers would be without former Eisbaeren Berlin center Claude Giroux while the Devils would be minus the services of goaltender Corey Schneider and forward Kyle Palmieri for the pre-season game at the PPL Center in Allentown.

    The WCH’s two semi-final contests are scheduled to take place on September 24th and 25th, respectively. It is not unreasonable to think that the Czech Republic featuring the two Flyers, goaltender Michal Neuvirth and winger Jakub Voracek, can skate their way to a spot in the semis. The obvious significance of the WCH semi-final dates is that any player participating in either of those two contests would almost certainly be ruled out of appearing in any pre-season game at the PPL Center on 9/27 because of ‘fatigue’.

    Come to think of it, ‘fatigue’ might be cited as a factor why players on teams that are not expected to reach the semi-final round also would not appear at the PPL Center in Allentown.

    Former Lehigh Valley Phantoms defenseman Shayne Gostisbehere is playing for “North America” at the World Cup of Hockey, of course, and three others (Mark Streit, Pierre Edouard Bellemare and Sean Couturier) are also involved, as well, so that makes a total of seven players under contract to the Philadelphia Flyers.

    Note To Kram :

    The World Cup of Hockey is a phony baloney junk tournament because there are no such sovereign nations known as “North America” and “Europe” — the far classier Canada Cup (which was organized and run by the NHL) never ever resorted to such ridiculous marketing gimmicks.

    • I haven’t been following, per se, but I was aware of it via the (a) happiness of hockey friends to watch hockey and the (b) absolute dread they feel that one of the good players is going to get hurt.

      But if I’m really reading this right, what it boils down to is that for the third time, I’ve paid NHL prices to watch pre-season AHL hockey. Shame on me I guess. I should be saving my money to pay off beer bets. 😉

      • A phony baloney junk hockey tournament with fake countries still kicks the tar out of lots and lots of other stuff, absolutely no doubt about that.

        My experience — even in the years when there is no Canada Cup / World Cup of Hockey tournament in August / September — has always been that NHL pre-season exhibition games usually have roughly 10-12 NHL regulars on each team with the rest of the spots reserved for dudes who are fighting (oftentimes, quite literally) for a place on the regular season rosters. In other words, NHL pre-season is pretty much no different than NFL pre-season in terms of how many/much established players take part. As one might expect, the earlier in pre-season the actual contest in question is, the less likely that “stars” will play much if at all.

        There is absolutely no question at all that an actual NHL pre-season exhibition is infinitely better than a glorified intra-squad scrimmage.

        Lehigh Valley Phantoms have miles to go before you have to worry about anything in your sleep.


  2. I’m in a drawing for a FREE set of tickets to this “scrimmage”… I don’t think my brother will be interested at all, unlike the Pigs… they’ll probably end up in the trash given my family situation.

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