[Poll] Rate The IronPigs 2016 Season

My memory of the 2016 IronPigs season will include photos like this one: Celebrating a win. Photo: Cheryl Pursell

My memory of the 2016 IronPigs season will include photos like this one: Celebrating a win.
Photo: Cheryl Pursell

We had some nice discussion in the comments sections the last couple days (click back through and read and contribute if you’re so inclined) as well as on SpaceBook.  But when you think back to this season, and all it included, what will the summation of your memory be?  Vote below to boil it all down.

A note about the poll:  If you have other reasons for your grade, so be it, but vote by grade not by my sample description.  If you desire a half grade (ie A-minus) just go with the letter.  So A- is an A, B+ is a B, etc.  If you need to clarify your vote, do so in the comments so that everyone can see; remember not all folks have SpaceBook or belong to the STH Group there.  Oh, and I didn’t limit votes–in true NoiseNation tradition–in case you feel passionately enough to vote multiple times.  So it’s not scientific–for entertainment purposes only–and no wagering allowed.



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  1. My real vote lies between A and B, but closer to B.

    Given my ability to see as many games as I wanted was sharply curtailed by my family’s health issues and — OK, I’ll say it — pigheadedness, I can’t honestly pass judgment on much beyond what Service Electric showed on the telecasts. The new ballpark amenities, food, etc. showed great promise, but circumstances kept me away.

    Records aside, the prospects fulfilled expectations, and unless some wild offseason trade decimates the system, I won’t be surprised with what the situation looks like in Clearwater in the spring.

    • How would you rate our broadcasts? Also Kram, i know you watched a lot from the club level, how do you rate?

      • Oh, I thought the broadcasts were excellent when I had a chance to see them. Although I appreciate the new panels in the bar area, the radio sound ahead and the live crowd outside keeps me from “rating” the broadcast–but certainly the camera angles and everything were always good.

        I had the opportunity to enjoy a couple broadcasts in their entirety when I was unfortunately incarcerated in Lehigh Valley Hospital for three days. They had a flat screen and a private room for me–so that part was OK. The broadcasts were super, and I enjoyed every minute of them. The only confusion came when I’d go to the nurse’s station in the ninth inning to try to pay my bar tab… 😉

  2. I go with a B-, the organization gets a bump from the quality of play on the field. At the end of the day I’m showing up for good entertaining baseball, and there was more than usual this year. Meaningful games are much more fun than anything else the team puts together.

    There is definitely a feel of trying to trim corners to save some money. If they’re not trying to do that, they need to rethink how some choices they make (under-ordering merchandise and food, cutting amenities like ‘Pigs Fly’) appear to the fan to make sure next year’s changes don’t lessen the experience any more. If they are actively trying to cut costs, they need to do a better job of finding less visible ways to do it. You can’t proclaim your greatness of 600k+ fans a season and then try to cheap out on those fans and expect them to keep paying more for less.

    And dismissing the Philly Pretzels was a bush league move. If I was Awe-Shucks or the other leased spaces, I’d be looking over my shoulder to see who’s next.

  3. Seems like we have some new followers lately– myself and Joe would just like to thank everyone one last time for going to bat for us. The ballpark calls you guys fans and customers. We have always referred to everyone as our friends, Joe didn’t have conversations with customers, customers didn’t clean up our mustard table or restock it on one of those crazy nights, it was friendship and professionalism on both sides. Myself and Joe have had many talks about all the people we miss. The truth is the “new” pretzels were simply bad, obviously not the profit management thought— we still hold out hope to be back in 2017, if not everyone will just have to visit us in St Petersburg Florida, as our new hot dog shop opens next month. Anyone who can remember A & B meats, the shop will have memorabilia from them before closing in 1984. A & B back in the day was a strong part of Allentown, employing 2000 people at its high point— the current location has America on Wheels– another awesome place to check in the area! THANKS AGAIN

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