IronPigs – You say goodbye and I say hello

You say goodbye and I say hello
Hello hello
I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello
Hello hello
I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello
-Beatles (did I really have to say that?)

We’ll begin with saying hello to our old friend former Major Leaguer and 2013 IronPig Josh Fields. Josh was back at Coca-Cola Park last evening with his new gig as a Yomiuri (Tokyo) Giants scout.

Josh Fields (and 'Motley Crue')

Josh Fields (and ‘Motley Crue’)

Josh played for the Giants in 2011 and former IronPig Scott Mathieson is having a good year pitching for Yomiuri in 2016.

Fields played for the Piratas de Campeche (Campeche Pirates) of the Mexican League the past two years and has now set his sights on scouting new talent in the International League and other select cities. In fact, a large Japanese baseball scouting contingent was present in Allentown for the IronPigs 2-0 victory over P’tucket. Interesting? Yes!

There’s a slew of former IronPigs in Japan including Scotty Mats, Mike Zagurski and Hector Luna.


We’ll end with saying goodbye to some of the long time IronPigs’ family (and others) are no longer with the organization.

According to the IronPigs’ website at the time of this writing – Howard Scharf (Assistant General Manager), Scott ‘Deuce’ Evans (Director of Ticket Sales), Tanner Buchas (Manager, Promotions/Entertainment), and Elizabeth DiBerardino ( Account Executive) are all no longer with the IronPigs.

Howard was one of the ‘original’ IronPigs and he surely will be missed. Once you got to know Howard you discovered he was entertaining and caring and always looked out for us season ticket holders. One of the best times I’ve had at the Park was a trivia contest with Howard as the MC. We wish Howard good luck and good health.

Scott always provided exemplary service to many ticket holders myself included and we can only hope that whomever replaces him can do nearly as well. Of course we wish Scott good luck with his future endeavors as well.

One thing that I have learned over the last 7+ years of doing this is that ‘everyone’ leaves – your favorite players, long time employees and sometimes even friends. Occasionally you get lucky and see a few again. And while we miss those who have left, we look forward to new players and meeting new friends and ‘family’.

Finally, someone said last night “Forget this wildcard business we are going to win the division!” So I decided that’s what I’m going with!

Let’s go ‘Pigs!


Swishing and Dishing

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  1. I’m sorry to see Howard go. He went out of his way to stop and say hello whenever passing by. So difficult seeing people you begin to care about take off for other endeavors!

    • Howard’s had recent health scares, which the papers have noted. Enough of our former employees and interns move on to some really great gigs… Tim Murray, an early media intern, was recently named the studio host for the Navy football radio… Amanda Stout from promotions/sponsorships is with the Eagles… they’re just a few. I’m sure those departing recommended others they know from other organizations that would jump at the chance to be in a great place like Allentown.

      When a game was delayed by rain the other week, TV2 filled in with footage of games from last year… would have been interesting (though kind-of involved even for you with the website) to see what all of those folks have been up to (don’t know how much time Matt / Jon / et al have to cover that)

  2. Well put, DiPro. It was certainly one of those days yesterday–when I got up and wrote my “IronPigs Today” column, I never imagined the day would include lunch with Josh Fields, every photo in the calendar by Cheryl Pursell, and five long-time Pigs employees missing. That trivia thing last season was one of my favorite things about that season, and I’m sorry we missed it this year.

    But just like with the game on the field–today’s another day. Let’s see how it plays out.

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