Hurling Championship @PAHurling

The sun slowly setting in the background of Calvalry Temple in Allentown, the Lehigh Valley Hurling League held their championship, and I decided to stop by to watch. 

I know what you’re thinking. Dan found another roller derby, another fun exciting lesser known sport that not many people notice until the Noise Nation tells them about it. If you were thinking that… you were right!

It is fun! It is exciting! You really oughta check it out! 

In early action, a replay of the semi-final saw The Colony Meadery Team take down the Hijinks Brewing Company team that led to the final matchup vs. the #1 seeded team representing Ringer’s Roost. 

The second game saw a penalty shot. (Video above)

At halftime the score had Ringer’s Roost up 14-11. 

Final score: Ringer’s Roost 36 – Colony Meadery 24

“The season was a success but bittersweet at the same time because we weren’t able to field a team for the national tournament but the travel team did win the Philly championships. Our youth team is looking strong with all the lads and lassies being born.” – Joe “Promo” McFadden 

The Champions!

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  1. Is one of the guys in the last photo shirtless, or wearing a shirt with a “flesh” design? (he’s standing, fourth from left)

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