Phantoms Schedule Due 3PM Today

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The official schedule for the “All Star” 2016-17 season at the PPL Center will be released later this afternoon.

Likely, it will be anticlimactic with the same opponents and the excess games versus Hershey and Scranton, but there are some things I’m looking for in our third season of hockey in downtown Allentown:

  1. How many Sundays?  In the first season, we had very few, but last year a couple more and they seemed to sell quite well as far as I could observe.  I still think that’s preferable to an excess of mid-week dates, but a smattering of those are fun as well.
  2. Other than Sundays, any day games?  I don’t think they will, frankly.  They can sell the evening games easily and that would be a bit of a gimmick at this point.  However, we’ll probably get a matinee or two eventually–perhaps over the holiday break?
  3. Any schedule oddities around getting the arena ready for the All Star festivities?  I wonder if we’ll have a big hole in our home schedule around that time.  Maybe not.  It’s all hockey, after all.

Beyond that, it’s just a matter of getting those games in my calendar so that I can make it to as many as possible.  Other questions, like “how long until they finally get a promo schedule together?” and “Will there be any major arena changes for this year other than the metal detectors?” and “How is that related to hosting the All Star stuff?”  will wait for another post.


See you at the arena, before we know it!


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  1. Matinee hockey around the holidays has always been great stuff but any other time of the year and the given organization is essentially denying all Heroes of Socialist Labor the opportunity to watch their favorite team skate, or so said Comrade Brezhnev.

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