IRONPIGS TODAY: “Paper In Fire” 8/16/2016

“Well the dream burned up
Like paper in fire”

-John Mellencamp

Burris Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Burris Photo: Cheryl Pursell

There are a lot of ways to lose a baseball game.  And over the years we’ve seen most of them happen at Coca Cola Park on one night or another.  Some nights you can’t hit.  Some nights you can’t pitch.  Some nights you can’t field.  All things considered, the pitching wasn’t all that bad last night but the errors and the lack of hitting doomed the team to yet another loss as they dropped the series opener to P’tucket 5-1.

Buchanan seemed to keep the ball down much better than the other night in Moosic, but didn’t get the low strike calls his counterpart Henry Owens did.  Still, he was able to get ground balls–unfortunately the left side of the infield wasn’t doing him any favors.  The left side of the outfield in Darin Ruf and Cam Perkins didn’t get to one double they could have, either.  This is all without mentioning that one run isn’t going to cut it on most nights.

The IronPigs have dropped 8 of their last 12 games, and 5 of 7 since JP Crawford was injured during a game.  They now trail Scranton by 4.5 in the division standings, and lead Rochester by 4.5 in the wild card standings.  P’tucket is right behind Rochester trailing the wild card by 6.0 games.

Roster Update

Lefty Hoby Milner was returned to Reading yesterday with the activation of RHP Luis Garcia on waivers from Philly.

2016 LHV Roster-8-15


First Pitch: 7:05PM   Gates:  5:45PM    Club:  5:30PM

Good seats still remain for tonight’s game.

LHP Anthony Vasquez (3-0, 3.02) will look to stop the bleeding for the IronPigs versus LHP Brian Johnson (5-4, 4.14) for P’tucket.


No fees on ticket purchases continues through tonight 11:59pm for all remaining games including tonight. 


40-50% chance of thunderstorms and wind at game time.  P’tucket plays here again tomorrow, and returns in two weeks, so pressure to get the game in is low, if it comes to that.


Kram’s Korner

Yesterday I said I wasn’t ready to do anything drastic.  Today I might be in a little different mood as it feels like this whole season is about to go up “like paper in fire.”

I certainly wouldn’t rush JP Crawford back.  Reports had him taking three rounds of BP yesterday, with no ill effects noted immediately.  Of course, we’ll have to see how he feels when he gets to the park today.  But I couldn’t help but consider the effect he has on the lineup.  It’s not that he was hitting .400 or smashing home runs or anything.  However, could his approach and skill at SS have a further effect on a lineup?  I don’t know, but I kept thinking about that yesterday as I saw batter after batter go up to the plate hacking away and junk thrown by Henry Owens.

Cody Asche is due to get some starts in the infield and maybe that’s where the shakeup starts.  I think I’d get David Lough some playing time as well.  I know he’s a lefty versus lefty starter today, but he’s a veteran and might have a stabilizing effect on the lineup.  I might give Sweeney a night off after yesterday, I’d give Crawford one more day of rest, and I might drop Nick Williams in the order just for one night.  The Kram lineup for tonight might look something like this:

Lough CF

Perkins LF

Knapp C

Ruf DH

Asche 3B

Stassi 1B

Burriss SS

Williams RF

Valentin 2B

I tried to break up the leftys the best I could–I know it won’t happen that way but just for one night I thought I’d throw things in the air a bit.


See you at the park,



Featured image by Cheryl Pursell

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  1. I know how I’d shake things up – send a few players to Sibir Novosibirsk … 🙂

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