Our Town. Our Team. Our @SteelhawksLV Why I Can’t Bring Myself to Root for the Soul

This is simply my opinion.

The Philly Soul Arena football team just sent out an email announcing ticket sales for their second “home” playoff game at our local PPL Center. It’s good for the PPL Center. It’s good for the Soul. It’s good for the city.

I’m not thrilled.

Nothing against the Soul. I’m sure they are a great organization… but I’m a Steelhawks fan. since the beginning.

Could you blame a Phillie’s fan when the A’s decided to open shop in Shibe Park?

Could you blame the Yankee’s fan when the Mets came around to NYC?

Could you really blame the new team? No, you can’t.

But I’m still not thrilled.

The Lehigh Valley is our town. We have an arena football team. We have a thriving minor league sports fan base. Do we need a so called upgrade to an AFL team?

So many would disagree with me.

So many would see an advantage.

So many would say this is the Lehigh Valley moving up, moving higher, moving on.

But moving on for what? For a new team.

I keep saying to myself. We already have a team!

If the Soul decide to move here permanently, which I see as a distinct possibility given the higher “cost of sports team living” in Philadelphia and living in the shadow of the big four sports leagues, it makes sense for the Soul to move to our town.

They get lower operating costs. They get a fan base with less football options. They get a prime minor league sports mecca.

We get…. higher prices. (Take a look at what they are asking for playoff tickets)

We get…. higher.. well higher everything. Oh, we also get to buy an all new wardrobe of team gear. As Kram would say.. .Again? Mrs. Kram is gonna be mad.

We lose… the Steelhawks.

I don’t want to lose the Steelhawks. I love the Steelhawks.

This is our town. Our town is bigger than just “All-in-town.” It’s got Bethlehem and Easton as well.

This is our team.

Our team is the Steelhawks. That’s all I have to say.

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  1. No worries my friend…WE have the contract to the arena

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