IRONPIGS TODAY: “Top of the Mountain” 8/3/2016

“And if I have my choice between a pennant and a triple crown, I’ll take the pennant every time.”

-Carl Yastrzemski

Lively--"Big Game Ben" Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Lively–“Big Game Ben”
Photo: Cheryl Pursell


Bartender:  “So, we’re in first place?”

Kram: “Tied”

Bartender: “With this team?” (points to RailRiders on the TV)

Kram: “Yup”

Bartender:  “So, this game really matters then.”

Kram (to self):  “ALL GAMES MATTER!”

Kram:  “Yup”


That was a big one, though.  After getting shellacked Monday night, the RailRiders re-stocked their lineup, activating OF slugger Aaron Judge after a month on the DL with a knee, without the benefit of any other rehab games.  Getting star OF and trade bounty Frazier in the lineup, and Gary Sanchez for a game before his call up to the bigs later in the evening.  It was a AAA “murderer’s row” kinda lineup for Ben Lively to deal with.

And he really, really rose to the occasion.  With little run support, Lively was able to scatter just three hits and one walk over 8 full innings of work, logging 8 strikeouts and only one, unearned, run.  It was the most dominant and impressive that I’ve seen him, going back to last year in Reading.  I was very, very impressed, and hope he can continue attacking hitters like that.  Mariot came in for the ninth, and seemed to thrive on the opportunity for the big save considering the lead was only one run.  His stuff was more electric than I’ve seen it in the past, and he was attacking the strike zone quite effectively.

Team Report

So here we are, alone in first place for the first time since July, 2012.  Alone in first place in August.  Leading the IronRail series 6-5.  The best record in all of AAA baseball, PCL included!  Hoping we can keep it going–good times.

Player Report

Darnell Sweeney still nursing a sore ankle, but was not added to the DL amid yesterday’s transactions, so that’s a good thing.

RHP Gregory Infante on his way back to the Pigs from Reading.  Roster post to follow.


7:05PM first pitch;  5:45PM Gates;  5:30PM Club

Seats still remain for this game, but the good ones are going fast.

Veteran RHP Phil Klein (1-1, 2.13) continues his work as a starter for the IronPigs tonight.  He’ll face LHP Dietrich Enns (4-2, 1.51) for Scranton.

What to Watch

  • Can Klein continue his excellent pitching?
  • The RailRiders lineup continues to shuffle, with Gary Sanchez called up after yesterday’s game.  How will they perform?
  • Will slugger Aaron Judge play the whole game for the Riders?
  • Will the IronPigs, who normally mash lefties, hit better tonight facing a LHP again?
  • How many broken wine glasses will there be?


  • “Ladies Night”
  • Stemless Wineglass giveaway (3,000 ADULTS, 21 and over)


Kram’s Korner

I know I’m the only guy left who reads the newspaper.  The real, paper one.  And I know The Morning Call is in bed with the IronPigs, with the suite and the billboards and the in-game promotions and the excellent seat in the press box for Tom Housenick.  But I think it’s time to ramp up the coverage a little bit.

Tom and Lynn are doing a fine job covering the games.  It’s the sports editors I’m targeting here.  The IronPigs are alone in first place for the first time in over 4 years.  The team is better than any we’ve ever had.  Tomorrow’s Phillies are on this team.  People need to know about this.  The game reports need to be on the FRONT of the Sports section, above the fold, every single day from now until the end of the season, regardless of the result of the game.  A teaser needs to be in the front page almost every day.  They should dispatch a second reporter to do a feature story of some type, almost every home game.


See you at the park,



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  1. The Call has no excuses, unless some report that 60 % of their news-gathering ops were farmed out to the Trib-Review. That’s pretty-much the sitch with the Express-Times/LehighValleyLive, where while enough writers — including Greg Joyce — are here, they depend on divisions of the company closer to New Yawk for many, many things. That dependency results in a 8-8:30pm window for press time, limiting weeknight-game reports to online-only status.

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