IronPigs Roster Move: Land of Giant Pitchers

Roster Move

RHP Phil Klein added to LHV roster (claimed off waivers by PHI, 6/19).

LHP Anthony Vasquez assigned to Reading.

Phil Klein has been assigned uniform #48, for now.


The Phillies snagged the 6’7″ 255lb Phil Klein from the Texas Rangers.  Although he’s an Ohio native, perhaps some of our other Texas-based players are familiar with him.  He enjoys bow hunting, so he and Lively can hang out.  He’s a righty reliever, who has 36 games of MLB experience, including 2 starts.  He’s seen time with both Texas and AAA Round Rock this season.

He hasn’t been out for more than an inning or two per turn, so I don’t see him as a prospect to join the rotation for the IronPigs–at least not just yet.  He’s on the 40-man, so he’ll be an candidate to go up if the Phillies need an extra guy out of the pen now that Colton Murray has been out-righted.  His fastball is his main pitch, it’s low-90s but plays up due to his height and extension.  He has a good slider, 82-84, and a cutter 88.  On the downside, he’s been known to “think too much;”  he does his best work when he just pounds the zone with FB/SL.

With Anthony Vasquez back in Reading (or is he?), it does raise the question about what will happen with the respective rotations.  Once again, I smell roster moves on the horizon.  Let’s take a look:


Sun (19): Pinto

Mon: off

Tue:  Viza

Wed: V. Velasquez (rehab) / Leiter

Thu: Eshelman

Fri: Pivetta

Sat: Vasquez? Morris?

Sun: Viza

Mon: Leiter?

Lehigh Valley:

Mon: Vasquez

Tue: Thompson

Wed: Lively

Thu: Russell

Fri: Buchanan

Sat: Vasquez? Bullpen?

Sun: Thompson

Mon:  Lively?  V. Velasquez (rehab)? Morgan? (HOME)


Tue: Nola

Wed: Morgan

Thu: Eickhoff

Fri: Eflin

Sat: Hellickson

Sun: Nola

Mon: Velasquez? Morgan?


The first question, “Is Velasquez ready?” needs to be asked.  Sure, he says he is, and he did look pretty good last night in Baseballtown, but they all say that.  If he’s pitching Monday on our return, then everyone in the Pigs rotation can get an extra day of rest and the Phillies can take another look at Morgan and Eflin as their rotation turns; they are the two most likely candidates to return to the IronPigs.

But first we need to find a pitcher for Saturday, Vasquez’ next day in the rotation.  I doubt he high-tailed it to Reading in time to get on the bus this afternoon for Portland, Maine.  He’s likely still in the clubhouse, and the guy with the Town Car waiting (Aside:  I know they don’t get a Town Car.  But, they should.  It’s likely an intern with a Prius or the team van.  Still, the idea that Velasquez had to deal with Turnpike tolls last night before his start was laughable.  With the money these guys are worth (to the team, plus salary) they should just take care of this stuff for them.  This is my third pet peeve about the Minors, behind pay scale and food provisions.)  is likely Edubray Ramos.  Andrew Bailey came up lame last night, and I’d predict the debut of Ramos is forthcoming.  Nevertheless, the movement of a reliever will open up a roster spot for Vasquez to emerge from the clubhouse to make his scheduled start on Saturday in Durham.

Stay tuned, we’ll see you at the ballpark on Monday,


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