IRONPIGS TODAY: “JP3” 6/16/2016


“Slump?  I ain’t in no slump.  I just ain’t hittin'”

-Yogi Berra


JP Rounds The Bases. Photo: Cheryl Pursell

JP Rounds The Bases. Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Last Night

The Pigs hung 7 on the G-Braves, and the pitching staff did just enough to make it stand up for a 7-5 win that went down to the wire.  Nope, I didn’t leave.

The story of the night was JP Crawford’s 3-for-3 night which included two doubles.  Ronier Mustelier and his adventures in right field helped the Pigs as well.

Team Report

Rochester and Scranton continue to win, keeping the ‘Pigs 2.5 out of the lead in the IL North.  The Lehigh Valley squad is now 7 games over .500 for the first time since the end of the 2012 season.  They’re 7-3 last 10, and 4-1 last 5.  They go for the sweep versus Gwinnett tonight.

They remain among the league leaders in average, slugging and home runs.

Player Report

This is where we list the ‘hot’ and ‘not’ but really, everyone’s playing pretty well!  So let’s look at the rotation again and rate them for call-up:

6. Jake Thompson:  He’s knocking on the door with his last couple starts.  He needs to continue what he’s doing, pay attention to details, and keep dealing.  His time will come.

7. Ben Lively:  I’m still waiting for him to have to face some real adversity here in AAA, but he just keeps getting guys out.  I need to see more, and for longer, but for now he’s earned this spot.

8. James Russell:  He’s really been pretty good as a starter, but the wheels came off a bit on Sunday.  How will he respond?

9.  David Buchanan:  The bad news:  he’s had some really bad innings where many runs have scored.  The good news:  He doesn’t break down mentally.  He’s able to put the bad innings behind him, get his innings in, and finish his outings.

10.  Anthony Vasquez:  He’s got a bunch of tricky pitches and the all come from the left.  He’ll be here for a bit, but might get supplanted by Eflin, Appel, or Asher, whoever comes back first.


The cap-er on the three-game set with the G-Braves, and the finale in the season series, led by the Pigs 4-2 right now.  Good seats still remain for this game.

First Pitch: 7:05PM  Gates 5:00PM (Happy Hour)

RHP Jake Thompson (5-5, 3.42) heads out to the mound to try to get the sweep versus RHP Lucas Harrell (1-1, 4.50 with GWN; 1-0, 3.60 with TOL)


  • Beach Bag giveaway for first 3,000 adults
  • Report Card Rewards continues–present ‘A’s at ticket window!
  • Happy Hour $1 hot dogs and $2 domestic drafts 5PM-7PM; Live music in the plaza.

beach bag

Showers may pass earlier in the day, but the weather should hold for this one.  I’ll sport the red and blue stars and stripes cap from three years ago as my quest for a different cap for each game continues.

Kram’s Korner:

  1. The JP discussion at the bar prior to the game was interesting.  Most were in at least partial agreement with my post from a few days ago about what’s going on with Phillies’ top-prospect JP Crawford.  Then the game happened, of course, and he not only extended is 4-game hitting streak to 5, but was the story of the game with his two doubles, single, and stolen base.  Press reports suggest a slight tinkering to keep his front leg and shoulder from flying out.  What I found the most interesting, though, was this quote from Junior–I think it might be spot on:  “The thing is, this slump is probably going to make him better.  I mean, it’s one of two things–either those “truthers” in Reading are right and JP will never amount to anything, or what he learns trying to get better and break out at AAA will make him a better overall player in the end.  I think it’s more likely the latter, of course.  I think he’s so talented and has been so good, that he hasn’t had to make these kinds of adjustments at the other levels.”
  2. The other thing I was thinking about JP was that his struggles, for whatever they’re worth, haven’t really hurt the team that much.  Normally, if we had a guy hitting first or second and batting consistently below the Mendoza, I’d be calling for him to move to the bottom of the lineup.  I just never really felt that way, no matter how bad it was.
  3. I wasn’t sure what to expect from INF Emmanuel Burriss.  Sometimes those guys come back from the big club and dog it a bit.  However, he was laying out for some balls hit near second base last night, and made one tremendous play in the process.  We’ll see how he hits, but he certainly seems willing to give everything to this team.  Winning is contagious, of course, and with all the young guys on this team who want to do well and want to win, what else is he going to do?
  4. OF Nick Williams was out of the lineup last night.  I was initially worried that he might be nursing a nagging injury or something because he just had an off-day the other day–but press reports suggest it could be due to not running out a fly ball which was dropped Tuesday night.  And, Brundy has plenty of guys to get in the lineup–Ruf and Perkins have been hot, and Lough needs to play too, and you can’t not play Stassi at 1B either, and it’s an NL team and…it’s a good problem to have.
  5. RHP Edubray Ramos had his first real adversity in his two-inning outing last night.  He came through unscathed, though, with his ERA remaining a minuscule 0.44.
  6. Relievers Edward Mujica and Luis Garcia make me nervous.  Not “Aumont” nervous, but you know, I’m always waiting for disaster to happen.  Both are fine pitchers, I just need more comfort at the end of the games.  That’s what my cardiologist tells me, anyway.


See you at the park,


PS:  “IronPigs Today” may take a short hiatus–or may welcome a guest author.  Stay tuned.

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