IronPigs Roster Moves: Burriss v. Lough

Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Lough. Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Roster Moves

OF Cody Asche completed his ML rehab and activated by Philadelphia.

LHP Mario Hollands completed his ML rehab and optioned to AAA Lehigh Valley.

LHP Bobby LaFromboise released by Philadelphia.


INF/OF Emmanuel Burriss DFA’d by Philadelphia

OF David Lough optioned by Philadelphia

Printable Roster

2016 LHV Roster-6-2

(Roster stands at 24; 44 transactions in 52 games.)


It was about the move(s) that everyone expected–although the signing of Paredes by Philadelphia was somewhat unexpected.  Nevertheless, the Phillies are trying to gain more offense from the corners of their outfield, and maintain some roster flexibility in order to win close games.  The Phillies also want to avoid rushing prospects who might not be fully ready for the challenges of the big leagues.  We questioned yesterday if Asche would get the call right away, but it was just so hard to see them throw him on the bus (plane?) to Charlotte.

I imagine Lough may be making his way there right now.  Burriss could get traded or released out of this, could elect free agency, or could accept his assignment.  Should he accept, the ‘Pigs would need to make space either by sending someone else to Reading, cutting someone, or finding someone with a slight case of the turf toe.

LaFromboise came in last in my “confidence rankings” in yesterday’s “IronPigs Today” column.  I’m not sure we have clarity on Hollands yet–whether they’re stretching him out to be Oberholtzer or to be (some approximation of) Morgan.  In other words, I would have thought they’d have him go a little longer yesterday if they’re really thinking of having him start again.  Russell goes tonight, and that would be the spot you’d expect to see Hollands if starting is in the cards, so we’ll keep an eye on the next turn or two of the rotation, and how many innings Hollands is getting.  Also somewhat interesting–they could have left him on “rehab” almost all the way until they returned from the southern trip.  But, I guess, the writing was on the wall with LaFromboise and they’re planning to have Hollands with us for a while so they just burned the option immediately.

So as it stands right now:  One free roster spot for Lough and Burriss.  And, we wait to see how it shakes out.  I’m not sure this impacts the ‘Pigs ability to win or lose on a nightly basis, much.


See you at the park,


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2 replies

  1. Hey Doc— happy hour? Now, who is going to trade for Burriss? We might get a dozen used balls and a bobblehead from 1998 for him! My buddy , Dan could hit more than .121

    • Ha! I just came from happy hour, how did you know? Just thought we could maybe recoup some of that trade-cash “considerations” we just gave up for Paredes.

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