IRONPIGS TODAY: “Find A Way To Win” 5/21/2016

“You just go about your business, do your work every day…and focus on winning….  

The rest will take care of itself.”

-JP Crawford, as told to ‘s Greg Joyce


Alonso scores the winning Run...Pigs win in bottom on the 9th Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Alonso scores the winning Run…Pigs win in bottom on the 9th Photo: Cheryl Pursell


I feel you, Hens.  For years we’ve been that team:  Finding a way to lose, snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory.   Now it’s our turn to win.  At least I hope so…

The IronPigs once again found a way to win one last night, walking off in the bottom of the ninth on a botched fly ball.  Lucky, sure.  However, you’ve still gotta play hard.  If Carlos Alonso, jaw still throbbing (probably–I don’t know), doesn’t run it out on the 2-out lazy fly, then we’ve got two out and two on, and who knows?  Another 15-inning job?  Out at second?  No guarantees.  But he ran from first just like we teach the kiddos, and victory was ours!  Just like JP says, do your work and the rest will take care of itself!


After yesterday’s roster moves, the top four prospects–maybe 7 of top 10 depending on your list–are all in Allentown.  Anyway, here’s the list from our friend Matt at Phillies Minor Thoughts:

  1. J.P. Crawford (IronPigs)
  2. Nick Williams (IronPigs)
  3. Jake Thompson (IronPigs)
  4. Mark Appel (IronPigs)
  5. Jorge Alfaro (Reading)
  6. Cornelius Randolph (Lakewood-DL)
  7. Franklyn Kilome (Lakewood)
  8. Roman Quinn (Reading)
  9. Andrew Knapp (IronPigs)
  10. Zach Eflin (IronPigs)

First Place

International League North
Lehigh Valley IronPigs (PHI) 23 18 .561 10-8 13-10 17-15 8-2 W4
Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders (NYY) 24 19 .558 13-9 11-10 18-17 7-3 L1
Syracuse Chiefs (WSH) 22 18 .550 0.5 103 17-7 5-11 18-16 4-6 W2
Rochester Red Wings (MIN) 23 19 .548 0.5 102 12-9 11-10 17-16 7-3 L1
Buffalo Bisons (TOR) 21 21 .500 2.5 100 9-10 12-11 15-17 6-4 W3
Pawtucket Red Sox (BOS) 20 22 .476 3.5 99 9-12 11-10 16-20 5-5 L2


Today’s Game

I’d say the eggs are beaten.  Scrambled, even.  One guy even said they were “over” and that it was “easy.”  Bacon leads the season series, 5-0.

The Hens are still in town, and if the rain holds off, we’ll go again tonight.  6:35pM first pitch on a Saturday–5:15PM gates, 5:00PM Club Level.

RHP Mark Appel (3-2, 3.58) on the bump for the ‘Pigs; Hens probable is LHP Daniel Norris (0-4, 8.06).


“SuperHero Night” as the ‘Pigs will sport Super Man-like jerseys for auction.

Link to the auction.  I’ll be out on these.  Kinda ugly and I still maintain that most baseball jerseys should have buttons.

Post-game Fireworks –Sponsored by PSECU





Kram’s Korner:

Not a lot to add. I hope they continue to play well.  What’s the old saying, win a third, lose a third, and how you end up is dependent on what you do in the remaining third of your games?  Yeah.  Just win, baby.  (another old saying)

Still, in trying to decide which game to go to, I’ll start out at ‘Pigs because it opens earlier, and I want to get a look at Mark Appel again.  Let’s see how the mechanics look today, and let’s see how JP Crawford looks dressed as Super Man (sure many Philly sites will be featuring those pics tomorrow and into the future.)


Link of the Day:

A lot of people wrote about JP Crawford yesterday.  I think my favorite was the Greg Joyce piece where the featured quote was lifted.


See you at the park (and, probably, the arena, as we try to do both ‘Pigs and ‘Hawks tonight),



PS:  Sooo many good Cheryl pics to choose from last night.  Here’s a couple bonus shots.  Please enjoy here and don’t steal them without her permission:

JP Crawford pregame

JP Crawford pregame

Knapp HR

Knapp HR

Jake Thompson

Jake Thompson

Knapp HR

Knapp HR

Alonso rounds third after ball dropped in right field

Alonso rounds third after ball dropped in right field

Crawford - Alonso

Crawford – Alonso

The celebration

The celebration

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