IRONPIGS TODAY: “Sunday Funday” 4/17/2016

“Baseball is like church. Many attend, few understand.”

-Leo Durocher

Friday Night. Photo: Kram

Friday Night. Photo: Kram

Last Night

The Pigs rallied and this time didn’t come up short.  A 4-0 deficit was erased and the ‘Pigs Fly’ call was heard ’round the world following the 8-5 victory.

Cam Perkins was a single and a homer short of the cycle and drove in three.  Will Venable is making me take back some of the bad things I said about him; he went 2/4.  Ryan Jackson was a perfect 3/3.  Spot starter Roibal gave up 3 over three, but our old friend Sevy took the next 3 and gave up none earned.  Andrew Bailey and Edward Mujica split the last three and yielded only one.

Here’s the team-site write up on last night’s game, by our friend Joe Fitzhenry, along with a photo by Cheryl.

One more link:  Another one from Greg Joyce, on Cam Perkins, from last night.

The Team

The home-town Pigs have now won a game at home and are 3-5 on the young season.  They are in last place, but only 2.5 games out of first.

The team is currently third in the league in batting, hitting .278.  They’re second to last in team pitching with a 5.11 ERA.  The thing is, we expect the pitching to improve greatly and can be very happy the young team is hitting as well as they are.


Knapp .400

Perkins .412

Featherston .421

Jackson .400

Today’s Game

It’s a great day for baseball.  Wear a cap and put on some sunscreen and c’mon out to the park.  I don’t think the ‘Pigs have ever had a stretch of April weather like this before!

Zach Eflin (1-1; 1.50ERA) is on the mound versus LHP Logan Darnell (0-1; 10.80) for Rochester.  The ‘Pigs got Darnell for 6 earned over 5 innings back on 4/12.  Expect to see the right-hand bats in the lineup.

First pitch is at 1:35PM with doors open at 12:15PM (club 12:00PM).  It’s the first Dog Day of the season, and there’s a kickball giveaway for the first 1500 kiddos.  Finally, bring along new and packaged socks, underwear, and toiletries for the Sixth Street Shelter.

Kram’s Korner

I had a good feeling about last night.  It often happens as the team seemingly at a disadvantage pitching-wise is able to scratch out a win.  I like today’s match-up as well.  There’s a lot going on today with Steel FC and the Phantoms also at home.  Busy day for sports in the Lehigh Valley!

See you at the park,


PS:  Today’s funny:

"Look, the hand comes off the bag any which way and Imma call him out." Photo: Cheryl Pursell

“Look, the hand comes off the bag any which way and Imma call him out.”
Photo: Cheryl Pursell

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2 replies

  1. Yeah, “the ‘Pigs Fly’ call was heard ’round the world” after they won last night. Unfortunately, there were NO PIGS FLYING!!! Is this another case of someone forgetting to order them (like the boxes for the popcorn vendors haven’t been selling)? Or has this tradition been done away with, like our favorite pretzels? Kids swarmed our section as the game ended, cheering and waving their hands in the hopes a player would send a flying pig their way. Only it never happened. Hey, I was cheering and waving my hands too! Bring back the flying pigs!!!!

  2. Thanks for the shout out Jim! Popcorn boxes, the 5 millionth fan, pigs flying— top shelf was too worried about pretzels I guess. Restaurant store and depot are 5 miles from ballpark, why not just pick up popcorn boxes? You will see a total shake up over there after the 2017 season.

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