IRONPIGS TODAY: “It’s Always Sunny At Coca Cola Park” 4/16/2016

“I’ve never questioned the integrity of an Umpire.  Their eyesight, yes.”

-Leo Durocher


Safe! What? Photo: Cheryl Pursell

Safe! What? Photo: Cheryl Pursell

The IronPigs lost another last night, 6-5, as the late rally fell short.  We stayed all the way to the end this time and almost got to see my favorite thing–the walk-off win.

Seemed like Adam Morgan didn’t have his best stuff.  They were slapping him the other way so he did just what I had recommended–go inside.  Unfortunately, home plate umpire Joey Amaral wasn’t calling the inside strike, so the ball was in play a fair amount.  An error cost a couple unearned and the Pigs had to try to dig out from down 6-2.  Morgan had a cutter or two-seam sitting 88-89, and his FB was 90-92 T94 by my observation of the stadium gun, which wasn’t working properly all the time last night anyway.

Remember this ump team:  Amaral, Jeremie Rehak (did the ejections), Shane Livensparger.

They almost did come back, thanks to 2.1 scoreless from new guy Gregory Infante and another 1.0 from “Diekman-Lite”  Bobby LaFromboise.

We skipped the fireworks.


The team falls to 2-5 having lost three straight.  That’s last place on the young season, 3.5 games back of first-place Scranton.  Given the talent on the team and the types of games they’ve played (4x 7-inning; + hard luck losses) I’m not really worried about it.  However, as I said at the beginning of the season, we can’t get in too big of a hole.  There will be talent here all summer–just don’t get yourself too far behind.  Just ask the Phantoms how that works out.

The team in win-less at Coca Cola Park this season whether the ‘home’ or ‘visiting’ team.  What is it about these teams playing at home? (see also:  Phantoms lost again last night, at home.)


Our guy Cameron Perkins had a nice game last night, 3/4, 3 runs–now hitting .385 on the season in limited play.

Taylor Featherston went yard last night, added a double, and raised his average to .467.  Help me come up with a nickname for this guy.

Ryan Jackson continues to have good at-bats.  He reminds Junior of Kevin Frandsen a little bit.  He was 1/4 with 2 RBI and is now hitting .294.

Angelys Nina got the promotion to the 2-hole in the lineup, but went 0/5 and is now hitting .176.  I might like to see Featherston or Jackson there at this juncture.  By the way, no one has seen our old friend Leandro Castro since he left Allentown in 2014.  And no one has seen him in the same place at the same time as Nina.  Just saying, Castro could be back in disguise.


Today’s Game

This six-game home stand to open the season is 3x 2 games.  I thought they were trying to do away with the two-game series, but whatevs.  Rochester is now in town.  We did well up there in three games, so hopefully that continues tonight under much nicer weather conditions (and a metric-butt-ton more fans…).

Reinier Roibal (0-0, 6.75ERA) the “Crafty Cuban” gets a spot-start tonight thanks to the double-header in Rochester on Tuesday.

Twins prospect RHP Jose Berrios (1-0, 1.80ERA) is on the mound for the Red Wings.  He shut down Scranton his first time out.

Our old friend Darin Mastroianni is back with the Red Wings, so you’ll recognize his name tonight.  Twins prospects to watch include Berrios, SS Jorge Polanco, OF Adam Walker, and RHP Alex Meyer who is now working in relief.

Remember, this is a Saturday game, so the doors open at 5:15PM (Club 5:00PM) for the 6:35PM first pitch.

Promotion:  Knit cap giveaway (3,000, 18+); Community Clubhouse game-used raffle on the concourse; Dance Team

I’ve got two illustrations of the cap–wonder which one it is?

knit cap two IMG_2152

Gear Watch:

They’ve got the replica jerseys–several of them at least–in the store.  I’m not a “replica” kind of guy, but these seem particularly flimsy.  Not too warm to wear in the summer, I guess.  Still awaiting the authentics.

There’s a blue and white 59FIFTY “low crown” cap in there which will be mine very soon–perhaps even tonight.  Sharp.

I think I won one of the raffle ’42’ caps last night.  Will have to check today.  I hope the dude’s head is of average size…

What are you wearing?

It’s Saturday, so that means we wear red.  With the early, cooler games I’ll probably pull out an old, red, Saturday jersey.  I’ve got three–maybe Pete Orr tonight.  As for a red cap to match, I’ll have to look through the stack–thinking an “angry pig” throwback.  Or, maybe the old, red BP 39THIRTY.


Kram’s Korner:

I’m still feeling OK.  Maybe it’s the excellent weather.  I don’t like the Roibal vs Berrios match-up tonight, but sometimes these work out fine.  I feel like we’re hitting OK as a team.

I am stressing a bit about how our home teams seem to play better on the road.  See also:  Phantoms, SteelFC.  Even the SteelHawks are undefeated on the road (they are at home, as well!).



Yesterday, a Tommy Housenick, Featherston piece.  Today, a couple links to pieces by our friend Greg Joyce from LehighValleyLive:

First, the pre-game piece yesterday on Darnell Sweeney.

Then, the gamer with quotes regarding the double ejections (see picture above.)


See you at the park,



Extra Innings:   Took a crack at the speed-pitch last night.  I know, I know.  But it’s a lot more fun when there’s serious money riding on it.  I knew I was beat after the first pitch–and I didn’t have time to warm up properly either–so for my second pitch I snapped off a 12-6 curve and I swear the batter’s knees buckled a bit.  It hit the catcher right in the glove as well, and came in 17mph short of my four-seam with the same release point.  Here’s the other thing:  I lost by 4MPH (I think that’s my “handicap” now, like in golf, I get +4 next round) and one guy used a crow-hop–I’m not sure that’s legal.  It’s called “speed pitch” not “speed outfielder crow-hop.”  Anyway, moral of the story:  Wagering makes everything better.




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